Email Poll: How to Send a Poll in Email

Create and Send an Email Poll in 4 Easy Steps

  1.    Create a poll using the poll creation form
  2.    Locate the poll on the dashboard
  3.    Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab
  4.    Copy and Paste the Link in the body of the Email and Send

You’re done!

Here’s an example of an  Email Poll created using Opinion Stage:


Best Practices for running an Email Poll

Focus on Audience

Select a poll topic that will appeal to your audience. Motivations to vote can be the ability to influence something, to express an opinion, to discover what others think, and more.

Simple Question & Answers

Keep the poll question simple and short so there is only one way to interpret it and it is easy to quickly grasp.

Looking to ask more than one question? Create an email quiz or an email survey.

Answer Choice

Make sure all possible answers are covered and that there is no overlap between the answers. If you can’t cover all the options, offer the users to suggest their own answers

Include Visuals in your Email Poll

Add an engaging and appealing introduction image to your polls to improve the appeal of the poll. You can also add images to each answer if you like.

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