100 Poll Questions to Engage Your Audience

There are poll questions and then there are good poll questions. If you’re interested in online polling, you’re not only interested in the poll results, you want to create a poll that will engage your audience.

In this article, we will share 100+ poll questions and some great poll ideas designed to engage your audience. They’re broken down by category, allowing you to choose those that best suit your goals. You can use these questions to create a poll on Facebook, on your website, or on any platform you like. If you want, you can also use them together with our online voting tool or survey maker – the options are limitless!



Funny Poll Questions

There’s nothing like a funny poll question to engage your audience. People love funny, so take advantage of this whenever you can. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Political Poll Questions

Politics will forever be one of the most discussed topics around the world. So, when it comes to a political poll, you always have the opportunity to attract a large number of participants. These political poll question examples are a good jumping-off point.

political poll questions

Sports Poll Questions

From one side of the world to the next – and everywhere in between – sports bring people together. If you’re creating a sports poll, these are the types of questions you should experiment with.

sports poll questions

Sex Poll Questions

Sex sells! Enough said. Here are 10 sex-related questions you could add to your next poll:

sex and relationship poll questions

Financial Poll Questions

Money is important to everyone. If you have a lot, you want more. If you don’t have enough, you also want more. And for that reason, financial poll questions are attractive to many.

finance and money poll questions

Celebrity Poll Questions

Celebrities have a way of captivating the world’s collective attention. If you have an audience that’s interested in celebrities and related topics, consider using these poll questions (or some variation).

celebrity poll questions

Personality Poll Questions

You can take many different directions when creating a personality poll, but it all starts with choosing the right question(s). The best personality questions are engaging and thought-provoking. Give your audience a reason to partake.

personality poll questions

Historical Poll Questions

Not everyone enjoys a good historical poll, but you know your audience best. If one of these will hit home, here are 10 example questions you can use.

history and historical poll questions

Travel Poll Questions

There’s nothing more exciting than traveling. And even if you’re not on the move, it can be just as exciting to think about where you’ll go next. Here are some travel poll questions that will help you connect with your audience.

travel poll questions

Random Poll Questions

Some poll questions don’t fit into one of the categories above. Instead, they are entirely random. For inspiration, here are 10 random poll questions.

random poll questions

Consider These 3 Points Before You Start Polling

  1. The types of questions you can use for a poll are endless: multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions, this or that questions, and more. But you do need to make sure all your questions are closed-ended so that you can compare results.
  2. To choose the best poll questions, you must first understand your target audience. Once you do, you can pinpoint questions that pique their interest, and increase the chances of their participation.
  3. Before you get started, define your goal. It will influence your poll topic, questions, format, and configuration. Here are a few examples:
    • If you’re gauging political affiliation, write your poll neutrally, ensure that people only vote once, and consider making it anonymous so that people answer honestly.
    • If you’re trying to build social interaction, go for an icebreaker poll. Ask something interesting and not too personal that will get a laugh and start a conversation.
    • If you want to boost your social media marketing, ask questions that are relevant to your target audience and brand. Adding social sharing buttons to increase engagement.

Plan your online pollWhich Questions Will You Use?

We hope these poll questions sparked your creativity. You can also use our poll templates as a “jumping off” point. Just remember to think about your online audience. What are they curious about? What fascinates them? If you know them well enough you’ll know how to get them to participate and boost engagement. Ready to start polling?


100 Poll Questions to Engage Your Audience
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