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How It Works

It’s so easy, your quiz will be ready before you can say “trivia quiz”…

1. Create

Choose a quiz topic, the number of questions,  and the difficulty level. Click on Create, and get your AI-generated quiz in seconds.

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2. Share

Share your artificial intelligence quiz on any social media platform or messaging app, embed it anywhere on your website, or send it to your email list.

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3. Track

Follow the responses as they come in and use them to further optimize your quiz. Get to know your audience, and strengthen your connection with them.

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Try this artificial intelligence quiz

Why Choose Our AI Quiz Maker?

Our quiz tools help you make amazing quizzes that get you the data and engagement you need while giving your audience a smooth and fun experience.

Quick & Simple to Create

Make a delightful quiz in seconds. All you need to do is pick a topic, number of questions, and level of difficulty. Our quiz generator will do the rest.

You can also use our other quiz authoring tools – create quizzes from scratch or use our quiz templates.

Whichever tool you choose, the creation process will be fast, easy, and intuitive. No code and no learning curve.

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Fully Customizable

Once you’ve generated your quiz you can continue to optimize it with our wide range of advanced tools.

  • Edit and rearrange the questions.
  • Add enticing CTA buttons.
  • Use eye-catching images to illustrate each question and/or the answer choices.
  • Choose a font, color theme, letter size, and more.
  • White-label your quiz and add your logo.
  • Configure advanced settings like randomizing the answer order, skip logic, and lead forms.
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Mobile First

Let your audience enjoy your interactive content anytime and anywhere.

Our quiz maker is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. So, your engaging quizzes will look great and function smoothly on all screen types and devices.

Yes, even if the internet is slow and the connection is weak.

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Built to Engage

Create engaging quizzes that get more clicks, responses, and social shares.

  • Grab people’s attention with bright images, gifs, and videos.
  • Keep things interesting with a range of question types.
  • Make clicking fun with an interactive and colorful interface.
  • Reach more people by adding social sharing buttons at the end.
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Embed Anywhere

Once your quiz is ready you can share it wherever you like with just a couple of clicks. No coding skills are required, it’s as easy as clicking on copy and paste.

  • Embed your AI quiz anywhere on your website (e.g. above the fold, midstream, sidebar, or pop-up).
  • Share it on any social media platform.
  • Send it via email or messaging app.
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Secure & Compliant 

Your data, as well as your audience’s data, is safe with us.

  • All data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers.
  • All data transit is done over HTTPS.
  • We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines and strictly comply with GDPR.
  • We run regular assessments to verify that your data is secure and safe.

For more details, refer to our privacy policy.

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Easy to Track & Analyze 

Look at your quiz from your audience’s perspective and optimize it for maximum engagement.

Track answers, results, and performance in real-time with visual tables and charts that are easy to read, explore, and export.

  • See how many times your quiz was viewed, started, and completed.
  • Find out how long people stayed and exactly where they dropped off.
  • Get visual segmentations of each answer and of the quiz as a whole in a pie chart, bar chart, and table form.
ai quiz maker drop off report example

All Types of Quizzes & Questions

There are so many types of quizzes and questions to experiment with. Keep your quiz interesting by combining different types of questions and layouts.

For example, you could use multiple choice questions, true/false, questions image and video questions, yes/no questions, and more. The sky is the limit.

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Ready to get started?

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Who Is Our AI Quiz Maker For? 

It’s for everyone. Anyone who wants to ask questions in a fun way and get useful answers quickly and easily could benefit from using our AI quiz maker.

Digital Marketers

Use an artificial intelligence quiz to connect with your audience, boost engagement, and gather more leads.

  • Quick and easy to make, share, and track.
  • Get more responses and better results with less effort.

Read more…

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Business Owners

Our AI quiz maker can help you build brand awareness, grow your audience, get more leads, and increase sales quickly, easily, and smoothly.

Create a quiz competition or product recommendation quiz in minutes. Read more…

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Teachers & Trainers

Create interactive learning experiences in seconds.

Build fun online tests for your students & employees with our multiple-choice test maker.

Collect and track results efficiently with automatic reports that are easy to analyze. Read more…

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Content Creators

Engage your readers and grow your audience with interactive quizzes.

Get more eyes on your content, more clicks on your CTAs, and more contacts in your mailing list. Read more…

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HR & Recruiters

There’s so much you can do with AI-generated assessments.

  • Discover knowledge gaps in your firm.
  • Screen job candidates.
  • Spice up team meetings.
  • Streamline employee onboarding.
  • Enrich your staff training programs.

Read more…

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Students & Job Seekers

Enhance your learning process with AI-generated quizzes based on the material you are studying.

Quiz yourself to help the knowledge sink in, discover your strengths, and hone in on the areas you’ve yet to grasp.

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What is an AI-powered quiz?

An AI-powered quiz is a type of quiz or assessment that uses artificial intelligence to create and/or enhance the quiz-taking experience. AI can be integrated into various aspects of the quiz, including question generation, scoring, personalization, and feedback.

Here are some key features and functionalities of an AI-powered quiz:

  1. Question Generation: AI can generate quiz questions based on specific criteria, such as the topic or difficulty level.
  2. Adaptive quizzing: AI can adapt the difficulty of the quiz based on the user’s performance. If a user answers questions correctly, the AI may present more challenging questions, while incorrect answers may lead to easier questions.
  3. Scoring and analytics: AI can automatically score quizzes and provide detailed analytics, including performance metrics, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.
  4. Feedback and explanations: AI can offer instant feedback on quiz answers and provide explanations for correct and incorrect responses. This aids in learning and understanding the material.
  5. Cheating prevention: AI-powered quizzes can incorporate features to prevent cheating, such as monitoring user behavior, identifying suspicious patterns, and using biometric authentication.

How does the artificial intelligence quiz maker work?

An AI quiz maker works by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to create quizzes. They enhance the quiz-making and quiz-taking experience by automating question generation, providing personalized feedback, and adapting to individual learning needs, ultimately improving the effectiveness of assessments and learning outcomes. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. The AI quiz maker automatically generates questions based on various parameters such as topic, difficulty level, and question type.
  2. It can also generate answer choices for multiple-choice questions, ensuring that they are relevant, plausible, and contextually accurate.
  3. The quiz maker also knows what the right answer is and indicates this to you. In addition, it can provide an elaborate explanation of the correct answer.
  4. Some quiz makers connect with different image banks and picture generators, enabling you to make quizzes that are more visually engaging.
  5. With the right prompt, the quiz maker also offers copy for the different result cards and additional content. You can also use generative AI quiz tools to brainstorm catchy titles and calls to action.

How do I make a quiz with artificial intelligence?

Making a quiz with artificial intelligence is as easy as pie. all you need to do is select a topic, the number of questions you want to ask, and the difficulty level. The AI quiz maker will take it from there. 

How can I share my AI quiz with others?

There are many ways to share your AI quiz with others. If you have a website, you can easily embed your quiz anywhere on your site. If you don’t, simply host it on a page on our site. Whichever option you choose, you can share a link to your quiz on social media, messaging apps, or email.  

Can I customize my AI-generated quiz?

Indeed you can customize all aspects of your AI-generated quiz. After all, the quiz generator is ultimately your quiz-making assistant. Its role is to give you content to work with and shape to serve your needs. Delete, add, or edit the questions and answer options, experiment with color themes, optimize the voice & tone, and of course add visuals, CTA buttons, and other special features.  

Can I collect emails with my AI-powered quiz?

Yes, you certainly can collect emails with your AI-powered quiz. All you need to do is add a lead form at the end. The lead form will appear after your quiz takers answer all the questions but before they see the results. In other words, they are highly invested in the process and incentivized to trust you with their contact info in order to discover how well they did. 

What question types can you generate with AI?

You can generate any question type you like with AI. Essay questions or multiple choice questions, closed questions or open-ended questions, trivia questions or personality questions, and the list goes on. It all depends on your needs and the experience you want to offer your audience. 

How to enhance your course/content with an AI quiz generator?

There are many ways to enhance your course or online content with an AI quiz generator. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Start a conversation in your classroom or on social media with a quick quiz about any trending topic.
  • Create interactive learning experience that help your audience/students discover new knowledge in an exciting way on their own time.
  • Add quizzes to educational videos to keep viewers engaged and actively learning. It’s also a good way to get feedback from viewers.
  • Generate engaging questions and add them to articles, blog posts, and e-books.
  • Create a personalized quiz for each student. AI quiz makers can generate quizzes tailored to the individual student’s background, experience, and interests. This allows you to easily create engaging quizzes that are more likely to keep your students engaged and motivated.

All in all, Quiz generators are powerful tools for content creation as well as teaching since they give you an easy way to turn static content into active learning experiences. 

Can I create online assessments and tests with AI?

Yes, AI-powered quizzes can definitely be used as educational content in education, training, and assessment contexts to enhance the learning experience and provide valuable insights into user performance.

AI-powered question generators use AI capabilities to make quizzes more adaptive, engaging, and effective for learners. You can generate a quiz based on a topic or based on specific learning materials, create essay questions, and enhance critical thinking. This makes the test creation process easier and quicker for teachers. It’s also great for students who wish to test themselves as part of the learning process.

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