How to Run an Instagram Survey That Gets Better Results

Learn how to make a survey that gets more and better results because people enjoy answering it. Quick ad easy to create and share on Instagram.

Create an Instagram Survey in Minutes

Follow these 3 steps to make a super engaging survey and share it on Instagram.

1. Create a survey

Make a survey from scratch or start with a survey template and change it to suite your needs.

create a survey

2. Copy the link

Go to your items dashboard and find the survey you want to share. Click on the “Embed & Share” button associated with it, select the “Share Link” tab, and copy the link.

copy link

3. Share on Instagram

While Instagram doesn’t allow adding links in the stream at this time, you can share the survey link in your Instagram Bio, stories, and reels. Use campaigns or simple posts to raise awareness of the survey and point your audience to it.

Try this survey

Best Practices for Creating an Instagram Survey

Follow these tips when creating your survey to make it even more engaging and improve the quantity and quality of the results.

Make It Visual

Instagram is a visual medium. Use images and videos to make the survey fit into the medium. You can add images to the cover, to each question, and each answer.

Keep It Simple

Use short questions and simple answers whenever possible. Make sure you cover all the possible answers in each question and that you avoid overlapping answers.

Don’t Make It Too Long

Remember that the longer the survey the fewer responses you will get. We recommend asking between 5-15 questions depending on the scenario.

Make It Stand Out

Select a theme that stands out, and locate the survey in a prominent location (e.g. top of the fold, in a popup, etc).

Learn more about our Survey Maker.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

Create a Survey
Copy link
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