How to Create a Poll & Share It On Instagram

Learn how to create a beautiful Instagram poll and share it with your audience in seconds.

Make an Eye-Catching Instagram Poll in Seconds

Create a poll, share it, and start getting answers from your audience in seconds. Follow these simple instructions to get started.

1. Create a poll

poll creation form

2. Copy the link

Click the Embed & Share button associated with the poll, select the Share Link tab, and copy the link.

copy poll link

3. Add your poll to Instagram

Paste your poll link in your bio or story.

Try this poll

While Instagram doesn’t allow adding links in the stream at this time, pasting your link in your bio can be super effective, especially if you refer to it in your posts and campaigns. If you have a business account you can also add the link to stories and reels.

Brands that engage with users and promote their brand will get a lot of visits to the bio. We recommend that the link sends to a page on your site that embeds the poll. However, you can also send it to an optimized white-labeled landing page on the Opinion Stage site.

Best Practices for Creating an Instagram Poll

A few more tips that will help you make your poll shine.

Focus on Your Audience

Think about what poll would be interesting and appealing to your target audience. Remember that users love expressing their options on matters of controversy, love influencing, and are curious to discover what other users think about a topic.

Keep It Short & Clear

Keep both the questions and the answers clear and short. Verify all the possible answers are offered and that they don’t overlap. When relevant, let your users suggest additional answers.

Make Your Instagram Poll Visual

Remember that Instagram is a visual medium. Add an image or a video to the poll question. You can also add an image to each of the poll answers. Select a theme that stands out.

Gather Leads

Polls offer a great opportunity to gather leads. Display a lead form just before the users view the answers to the poll. You will get contact information associated with the poll answer.

Learn more about our Poll Maker.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

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