Twitter Poll – How to Run a Poll on Twitter

Follow these steps to add a Twitter Poll:  

1) Create a poll using the poll creation form

2) Locate the poll in the dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” button, and then the “Link” tab

4) Copy the link and paste it into your Twitter post

You’re done!

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Here’s an example of a Twitter Poll created using OpinionStage

Twitter poll

You can use Twitter polls for many different use cases, examples include gathering user feedback, boosting engagement, generating leads and more.

Best Practices for Creating Twitter Polls

Keep your users in mind

Select a poll topic and question that will appeal to the audience you would like to engage with

Select an interesting question

Choose a question that is interesting and appealing, get your users curious about the results of the poll. Discovering what others think is always a good motivation to vote.

Make it visually appealing

Adding an introduction video or image to your poll makes it visually appealing, which in turn really helps in boosting the engagement rates. You can also add images to each answer if you like.

Add the answers carefully

Verify all the answer options are covered and that there is no overlap. Make the answers simple and short

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