Create a LinkedIn Poll in Seconds

Learn how to make a free attention-grabbing LinkedIn poll in seconds.

How to Create a Free Poll on LinkedIn

Follow these steps to create a visually engaging poll and share it with your network connections:

1. Make a poll

poll creation form

2. Copy link

Locate your poll in the items dashboard. Click on “Embed & Share,” and then select the “Share Link” tab. Copy the link or click on the LinkedIn icon to share directly from Opinion Stage.

copy poll link

3. Share on LinkedIn

Paste your poll in a LinkedIn post, discussion group, page, or message.

Try this poll

Tips: How to Create a Poll on LinkedIn

  1. Keep polls relevant – Make sure that the topics you cover in your polls are relevant and interesting to your target audience.
  2. Customize the visibility options – Using LinkedIn’s default setting, anyone will be able to view your poll. If you want insights into a particular group of people, you can change who you want to share it with.
  3. Post during peak traffic times – Publish your polls at peak traffic times to ensure you get the highest amount of engagements.
  4. Personalize your post – Send a customized message to connect with your audience and motivate them to answer your poll.

Top 3 Reasons to Create Polls for LinkedIn

  1. Get a quick answer to one question – a poll is a great way to get a quick direct answer from your audience. If you want to ask more than one question, make a LinkedIn survey.
  2. Get more engagementLinkedIn lets you share your polls with a wide audience or a specific group of people.
  3. Get the audience’s opinions – a poll lets you determine if your audience is ready for you to introduce a new product or solution. You can find out what your audience thinks and feels, eliminating all the guesswork.
  4. Get indirect insights – Make a poll to learn about what your audience wants to read. That means you can make your content marketing efforts more personalized and targeted, which will then drive more traffic.

Learn more about our Poll Maker and check out more options for engaging data collection opportunities like making a LinkedIn quiz or a LinkedIn survey.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

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