How to Create a LinkedIn Survey

Follow these steps to create a LinkedIn Survey:

  1. Start by creating a survey. Choose from a selection of professionally-made survey templates or build from scratch.
  2. Locate your survey in the dashboard.
  3. Click “Embed & Share,” and then hit the “Link” tab.
  4. Copy the link and post it into your LinkedIn channel.

You’re done!

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Following is an example of a Live example:

Best Practices: How to Create a LinkedIn Survey

  1. Ask a few questions – Prevent survey fatigue by asking just a few questions. Ask a maximum of 10 questions on your survey.
  2. Keep your audience in mind – Since LinkedIn has a large professional community, you need to make sure it is relevant and appropriate to share with your network. If you must, use industry-appropriate humor to make it more engaging.
  3. Add photos – Make your survey as engaging as possible by adding photos and other visual content.

Top 5 Reasons to Create Surveys on LinkedIn

  1. Increase engagement – posting surveys on LinkedIn can increase your social engagements.
  2. Gather leads – Adding a lead form to your survey can help you gain high-quality leads.
  3. Easy to distribute – through the LinkedIn research network, you can get real respondents to take part in paid market research projects. That means you can get accurate insights into your target audience.
  4. Get responses fast – you can use LinkedIn to kickstart your market research process. You can gain crucial information in a matter of hours instead of days.
  5. Access to business-minded people – compared to other social networks, LinkedIn offers more business-oriented insights and data that you can use to make well-informed decisions.

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How to Create a LinkedIn Survey