How to Send a Salesforce Survey in Minutes

Learn how to make an effective survey and share it over Salesforce. Quick and simple to create and share.  Easy and fun to answer.

Create an Engaging Salesforce Survey in 3 Steps

Follow these steps to create a survey and share it via Salesforce:

1. Create a survey

create a survey

2. Copy the survey link

Locate the survey you made in the item dashboard. Click on the “embed & share” button, select the “share link” tab, and copy the link.

copy link

3. Share via Salesforce

Go to Salesforce, start an email, add your survey link, and send it to your audience.

Try this survey

Tips for Creating a Salesforce Survey

Follow these tips and suggestions to make your survey even more engaging so that you can collect more and better data. The easier your survey is to answer the more responses you will receive.

Start by Planning Your Survey

Think about your audience and what insights you would like to extract using the survey. Determine which questions will be close-ended (you know all the answer options) and which will be open-ended.

Keep the Survey Short

Limit the number of questions you ask. The more questions you ask the fewer submissions you will get. Keep the questions also short so they are easy to grasp in seconds.

Make Your Salesforce Survey Visual

The more visual your survey will be, the higher the conversion rate will be. Select images that match the questions so that they can add more context to the questions.

Customize It To Fit Your Brand

Customize the theme, font, and size of your survey so it matches your brand. You can either select from a list of offered themes or create your own.

For more details, refer to the survey maker product page.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

Create a Survey
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