Weebly Survey – How to Add a Survey to your Site

Follow these steps to add a Weebly Survey to your site:

1. Create a survey using the Survey Creation Form

2. Locate the survey you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button and then copy the code from the Script tab

4. On your Weebly account dashboard, select the EMBED CODE button (under “MORE”)

5. Drag and drop the button onto your page and paste the JavaScript code you previously copied  into it

You’re done!

Weebly logo survey

Following is an example of a Weebly Survey:

Weebly survey example

To live survey examples, refer to the Survey Examples Page

Recommendations for creating a Weebly survey

Start by planning

Start by clarifying to your self what is the objective of the survey. Then write down the questions based on the objectives.

Keep questions & answers short

Try to keep the questions and the answers as short and simple as possible. Verify that the answers cover all the options and that there isn’t an overlap

Use Images in your Weebly survey

Engaging & appealing images in survey questions are proven to increase participation rates. You can also add images to each answer where relevant.

Make it easy to participate

Don’t include questions that users might not want to answer or will find difficult to answer. Don’t ask too many questions, we recommend 5-15 questions.

Locate in a visible placement

We recommend placing the survey above the fold, in the main section of the page, or in a popup. Selecting a good theme can also help make your survey stand out.

Create a Weebly Survey in Minutes

Create a Free Survey

For more information, refer to the Survey Creator page