Straw Poll – How to Create and Share a Straw Poll

Follow these 4 steps to create a straw poll:

1. Create the poll using the poll creation form

2. Locate the poll in the dashboard

3. Click “Embed & Share” button

4. From the “Link” tab, copy the link and share it. From the script tab, copy the code for embedding the poll on your site

You’re done!

straw poll

Example of a straw poll created with Opinion Stage:

Straw poll example

What is a Straw Poll?

A straw poll or a straw vote is usually referred to as a nonofficial vote that is used to show popular opinion on a topic. Although it is not a scientific poll that uses sampling it often gives very good results that are indicative of what the crowd thinks. Examples include learning what the public thinks on a hot topic, discovering how a new service or product is perceived by users, revealing what participants think about an event, and many more.

Tips for creating a  Straw Poll

  1. Phrase the question carefully – make sure voters understand the question in the same way. Remember different voters may interpret the questions in different ways
  2. Verify there is no bias in the question – be careful not to lead voters to a certain answer based on the phrasing of the question
  3. Randomize the answers – it is important to randomize the order of the answers to verify voters are not biased towards answers on the top
  4. Select the answers carefully – make sure all possible answers are listed and there is no overlap between answers. When relevant, allow voters to suggest an additional answer
  5. Use images – integrating engaging & appealing images in your straw polls will increase the chance voters will participate
  6. Location – place the poll in a prominent location. We recommend to place it in the main page stream and on the top of the fold or in a popup

For more information, refer to the poll maker product page



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