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A full-featured straw poll maker for creating beautiful & top performing strawpolls that stand out. Analyze results with a real-time detailed analytics dashboard

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100,000+ Brands, Publishers and Political Entities use our Straw Poll to generate insights, engagement & leads

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For almost a decade, Opinion Stage has been offering online straw polls, surveys and quizzes that maximize participation rates and extract valuable audience insights.

Why Use Our Straw Poll?

Here are the reasons why our strawpoll maker stands out from all the rest

Maximizes Number of Votes

Opinion Stage straw poll is designed bottom-up to maximize the number of votes you get from your audience.

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All the Straw Poll Features You Will Ever Need

Straw polls are used for many different use cases and therefore require different features and functionality. We included it all in one maker. Features include real-time reporting, auto-close of poll, different options for displaying results to voters, and much more.

Design First

Maximizing voting participation rates requires that your straw poll is perceived as both professional and beautiful. Features for integrating media such as images and videos further boosts voting engagement.

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Customize the straw poll

Customize to Fit your Brand

You can change all aspects of the poll design, including colors, sizes and fonts. You can either use one of our optimized pre-built themes or create your theme from scratch. CSS override allows you to change every aspect of the poll so that it perfectly fits your brand or site. White label the poll and add your own logo to make it look 100% yours.

Generate Leads with Polls

You can gather qualified leads by integrating a lead form inside your straw poll. In this case, voters will be requested (optionally) to leave their contact information before viewing the result. You will get the vote result associated with the contact information, allowing you to optimize the follow up process.

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Vote reporting dashboard

Straw Poll Reporting

Get real-time advanced reports on the results and performance of your poll. Discover the vote conversion rate to maximize it. Analyze the results based on different criteria and display options. Export the results to view all meta data associated with each vote.

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Create and Share Easily

You can start from scratch using an easy and intuitive creation process. Alternatively, you can use one of our optimized straw poll templates. Sharing the poll on our site, email or social media is just as easy.

Add to Your Site or Run from Our Landing Pages

You can add the straw poll to any CMS or website using various embed options. If you do not own a site, you can use one of our landing pages. In both cases, you can share the poll publically or share it to a small group of people you select.

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