WordPress Poll Plugin – How to Add a Poll to Your Site

Follow these steps to add a poll to your WordPress site:

1) Install the WordPress Poll Plugin

2) Connect the plugin to Opinion Stage

3) Create a Poll using the Poll Creation Form

4) Add the Poll to your post/page using the Classic Editor or Gutenberg Editor

You’re done!

wordpress poll plugin logo

Following is a video that explains in detail how to use the WordPress Poll plugin:



Following is an example of a Poll created with the Opinion Stage WordPress Poll plugin:

wordpress poll plugin example

Some tips for creating a WordPress Poll

Keep it short

Keep both the question and the answers of your poll short. Shorter texts will make it easy to quickly understand the question and answer and will get more users to vote.

Select answers carefully

Select answers that cover all the possible options but do not overlap. You might want to allow users to suggest additional answers as well.

Use Visuals

A good image or video inside the poll can boost engagement and voting conversion. You can add an introduction image to the poll and add thumbnail or large images to each one of the poll answers.

Customize to fit your brand

Use one of the built-in themes or create your own theme to verify the poll look and feel matches your site and branding.

Gather leads

Polls present a great opportunity to gather email leads. Integrate a lead form just before the user views the answers of the poll. You will get the contact information associated with the poll question.

Top Reasons to Use Polls on Your WordPress Site

Polls are one of the best tools to improve engagement and interaction with the visitors on your website or blog. It is also one of the best ways to communicate and gather feedback from your visitors – all through a few clicks. Polls also manage to attract more users and engage them for a longer period on your website or blog, which means more traffic and a lesser bounce rate.

The data collected through polls can further be utilized to enhance your overall marketing strategies and give the audience precisely what they want. Polls are easy to create and simple to use, but don’t undervalue them! Here are some reasons why you should include a poll on your website in more detail:

Deeper Understanding of Customers

Polling gives a more in-depth insight into your readers and customers, contributing to the all-round development of marketing and advertising campaigns. Getting opinions in real-time from your website users also helps you better understand your user community. Use polls to find out who’s visiting your website – their age, interests, etc. Through polls, you can lead your users to share useful information about their persona.

Candid Product Feedback

Online polls are amazing at what they do i.e., getting opinions of your user in the most direct way possible. Earlier, brands used to engage third-party services or companies to get product feedback. Although popular, the involvement of third-party did not fly high with the authenticity factor.

Polls are a great social listening tool for your brand website. Polling on your website will help you improve your product based on the honest feedback collected from users.

With online polls tools like Opinion Stage poll, you can directly put one on your website and gather feedback from your users without compromising on the genuineness of the information.

Segment and Re-market

With online polling, you can segment your audience based on their responses and then use the segmentation for re-marketing products to them. For example, you can ask your users about their budget for a specific product or service. With the collected responses, you can target users with your service and products based on their budget criteria. Such data can boost your conversion rate substantially. 

Community Building

With polls, your users see that communication with your brand is not a one-way channel. Polls invite them to engage with you interactively. Nowadays, brands go for dedicated community pages for their products. A loyal community of users helps in building a better brand. On their community pages, popular brands prefer creating polls as it shows their users that they are listening and are seeking inputs to better their products and services. At the end of polls, they like to broadcast their results to show everyone what their user community thinks about specific topics.

Organic Content Generation

Another reason to create a poll for your website is that it is one of the best ways to generate organic content that can be retargeted. The first piece of content is when you post a poll, and the second is when you publish the results. You can further utilize the content by attributing the poll results in your future blog posts about the product or service.

Boost Website Traffic

Polls are regarded as one of the best tools to drive significant traffic to your website. The standard flow goes something like – 20% of your readers participate in the poll, 15% share the poll results, which results in up to 3% share rate on the page. Every share could contribute to boosting up to 20% traffic on your website.

Examples of Polls

Polls play an important role in figuring out the popular opinion. To attract higher participation in a poll, one can use different types of poll formats that are interactive and engaging. Nowadays, polls need to be designed carefully with elements like images, videos, and more. Check out poll examples below to give you a better idea about choosing a poll template for your website or page.

Single Answer Poll

As the name suggests, this poll template comes with a simple design featuring a question with multiple answers wherein the participant has to choose one.
Such a poll template works best for gathering direct opinions from users about a specific product or service. You can add different questions limited by single answer functionality.

Multiple Answers Poll

Unlike the single answer poll, this template allows users to choose more than one answer. This template works best for questions that require users to share more than one opinion.

Multiple Answer Poll Template

As you can see in the image above, the question is framed in a way that solicits more than one participant’s answer. If you have a poll requirement that requires a broader spectrum of responses, we suggest going for this one.

Image Poll

An image poll is a visually appealing format for getting your users to share their opinion in a fun and interactive manner. Such types of polls are pretty popular on social platforms too.Image poll template

In this poll, your answer choices are in the form of images. As you can understand from the image above, the question supports the format to present images along with the names of the personalities. Make sure your questions are framed in a way that justifies the use of images.

Thumbnail Poll

Thumbnail poll enables you to have the best of both worlds i.e., using text and images side by side. As you can see in the image below, each answer choice is placed next to the image thumbnail.Thumbnail poll template

This poll template can come with a cover image on top, followed by thumbnail with answer choice in a list form. It is one of the best formats for a poll that requires images to support its visibility and understanding.

Head to Head Poll

This poll template is ideal for the polls that require the user to choose between two answers. As shown in the image below, the answer choices are placed head to head.

Head to head poll template

Such a template works best for a poll that aims at drawing a comparison between two of the things. It helps in finding out the popularity difference between two choices.

How Polls Work to Attract More Audience

Polls Get your Audience Attention

An average user who visits your page is tasked with a standard way to take in a lot of information. By placing a poll on your website’s main page, your audience gets greeted by an actionable item that catches their instant interest. It makes them take notice and engage with your website more openly.

The key here is to place your poll smartly and at a prominent spot. Many sites place a poll on the sidebar, usually enclosed by whitespace, to make it more appealing to visitor’s eyes. When displaying the poll in articles, it’s recommended to have it above the fold to maximize participation.

Polls Make Your Audience Think

one of the secrets to creating a good poll is to ask a question that your users would find genuinely interesting and want to address. We suggest choosing trending topics related to your audience and their demographics. Once you get the basics right, your poll is guaranteed to make your audience pause and think, thus engaging for a longer time on your website.

Polls Trigger Reaction

A good poll on your website gives voice to your customers. People want to discuss their opinions, and a poll sorts that out. Polls fetch instant reactions from users, and that’s why they decide to stick for longer. You can also attach a commenting system on the bottom of the poll to trigger a text conversation between the poll participants

Polls Give Way to Interaction

If your poll gets everything right, it will make your users interact deeper by sharing it on their social profiles. Thus, a poll opens several channels of interaction from your user on the website.

Create a Poll in Seconds

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