WordPress Quiz Plugin – How to Add a Quiz to Your Site

Follow these steps to add a wordpress quiz plugin to your WordPress site:

1) Install the Quiz WordPress Plugin

2) Connect the plugin to Opinion Stage

3) Create a Quiz using the Quiz Creation Form

4) Add the Quiz to your post/page using the classic editor or Gutenberg editor

You’re done!

Wordpress quiz plugin

Following is a detailed video tutorial for using the Opinion Stage WordPress Quiz Plugin:



Following is an example of a Trivia WordPress Quiz

Following is a live example of a Personality WordPress Quiz

Tips for creating an effective WordPress quiz

Think about your audience

The first step of planning a quiz is to think about your audience and what type of quiz they will find interesting and appealing. Try to create a quiz that will let them discover something about themselves or test their knowledge and give them a good feeling at the end.

Focus on quiz title & cover image

The single most important factor for getting high engagement with your quiz is the cover title and image. Select an appealing title that will get your users curious. Include a stunning image that won’t let your users stay passive.

Keep it short

Don’t ask too many questions. Remember the more questions you ask the fewer responses you will get. Keep the question titles and answers short as well, so that it is easy to answer them quickly

Make it easy to answer

The questions should be easy to answer so that users don’t spend too much time understanding what the question is and selecting the answer that fits most.

Make it visual

Add appealing images to all the quiz questions to improve the engagement rates. This, in turn, will result maximize the number of quiz submissions you get.

Top Reasons to Create a Quiz

Boost engagement

Quizzes are one of the best tools to boost engagement on your website or blog. Users end up spending more time participating in an online quiz for a number of reasons. The first is that quizzes are interactive in nature and offer a more engaging experience. Users are always curious to discover something about themselves and therefore take the time to complete the quiz. By integrating a quiz into your website, you can significantly boost engagement as users will spend more time on your website that will result in improved analytics in terms of traffic and bounce rate.  

Drive traffic from social networks

Quizzes are a sure-shot success for Facebook and other social media platforms. A well-thought quiz can fetch you an unprecedented number of shares and engagement on social media. Users end up sharing quizzes that promote their intelligence through scores (such as trivia quiz) or talks about their traits or gives out an unexpected or funny result (like personality quiz). Such quizzes attract higher traffic from social media channels.  

Gather leads

You can fetch better leads on your website or blog by integrating a contact form inside a quiz. This contact form shows up right before a user is ready to get the quiz result. Since, at this point in the quiz, users tend to be at the peak of their engagement, they quickly fill out the contact form to get their quiz results. 

One can expect a boost of up to 500% in their lead generation efforts by integrating a lead form inside the quiz. What makes it the best way to get leads is that it does not come across as a forced marketing technique like pop-up forms. 

Another value addition is that such leads have higher quality as they are associated with the answers given by the user in the quiz. This way, you have more insight into user behavior and interests. We recommend using a personality quiz to generate quality leads from your website users. 

Segment your audience

Quizzes are the best way to distinguish between your audience for giving them the best user experience. Leads generated from a quiz are based on their answers that could help you in segmenting them as per your products and services on offer. It will not only help you in developing a higher understanding of your user but will also boost your conversion rate. 

Learn about your audience 

As mentioned above, quizzes give you unparalleled insight into your users’ interests. Through a personality quiz, you can easily gauge what makes your user click on a specific item or what kind of products or services they are more likely to buy. It will also help you in the successful implementation of other marketing strategies like emailers, as you will know what type of content would make them click.

Educate your audience

A trivia quiz is an excellent way to educate your audience. It is one of the most interactive ways to enlighten your users about your products or services as they are highly engaging and memorable. Integrate such quizzes into your blogs or social media channels to drive more users to learn about your business. To show results in such quizzes, you can either prompt users about their answers after every question or present a cumulative score at the end of the quiz. 

Run a product selector

You can also use a quiz to make your users interactively select products or services. A product selector quiz makes it easier for shoppers to find the product that best fits their requirements. It will result in more users finishing your sales funnel and making the purchase. You can create a personalized wizard that chooses the best product or service based on each user’s preferences, requirements, and demographics. Such a product quiz can be easily integrated with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, and more. 

Types of Quizzes

As a marketer, publisher, or content creator, you can choose from different types of quizzes and use them according to your marketing goals. Check out some of the most popular quiz types that you can easily integrate into your website and social handles.

Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes are one of the most popular types of quizzes that can be used for different purposes. They can be serious, fun, or educational with titles like – What kind of animal are you? Or What kind of a marketer are you? You can embed a personality quiz on your website or blog to learn more about your audience and boost your engagement.

A personality quiz can be customized as per your requirement. We suggest thinking outside the box and utilize different types of personality quizzes to engage your audience. Take one of our quiz templates for personality quizzes as an example, “What Kind of A Foodie are You?” this template has been used a lot and has received outstanding results every time.

Similarly, personality quiz can be used for plenty of use cases:

– “Where Should I Travel Next?” a travel quiz wherein the destinations are personalities
-“What should I Buy my Dad for Fathers Day” a product quiz wherein the product represents different personalities

You can correlate a quiz with your marketing or content goals and boost engagement in the best way possible.

Trivia Quiz

The trivia quiz is yet another engaging type of quiz. Such a quiz tests users’ knowledge, which results in a high level of engagement as it sparks the competitive streak inside the user. It steadily builds on the quiz taker’s curiosity and competing emotions while keeping them hooked on the website. 

The quiz above titled “Test Your Olympic Knowledge,” works as a challenge for users, and they get curious to take it upfront. Additionally, more often than not, high scorers end up flaunting their results on social media that adds more fuel to your marketing efforts. 

Scored Quiz

A scored quiz, also known as a tally quiz, works best for online tests and assessments. Scored quizzes attract good participation as the user gets a score at the end, which intensifies their interest.

Each question is allocated a point value; the end tally of your outcome depends on the total value of all points earned. Creating a scored quiz is a pretty simple task: Decide your goal (what you want to test) > Create a question list as per your goal > Assign points to the correct answers > View the result table to discover what how many points each user got.

Multiple Choice Quiz

The multiple choice quiz is one of the classic quiz formats. Under this quiz template, a user is given a question with a set of answers, and they are required to choose the correct one from different options. The outcome is based on the number of correct answers.

For more details refer to the quiz maker page

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