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Why our Product Finder Stands Out

Following are the main reasons why Top eCommerce shops and Brands use our Product Finder

Boost Sales

Make the process of finding the right product or service easier and faster. This will result in more users completing your sales funnel and making the purchase. Create a personalized wizard that selects the best product/service based on the preferences, requirements, and demographics of each shopper. The product quiz supports all popular platforms used for e-commerce - Shopify, Magento, Wix, Wordpress, woocommerce, and more.

product finder example

Easy to Create

You can create the product finder quiz either from scratch or use one of our pre-configured templates. It takes minutes to get up and going and just a few seconds to add it to your e-shop.

product selector templates

Track Performance & Results

Track performance metrics such as number of views, participation percent, completion percent, time spend on the quiz, number of engagements and more. Track results based on answers break-down, outcome break-down, drop-off report, responses report, lead/sales reports and more.

track results of the product wizard

Get Notified in Email

You can configure to get notified in email on each submission in real-time. Submissions information includes the answers provided by user to each question, the user contact information, and meta data such as submission, time stamp.

product selector notify in email

Ready to Start?

Call To Action

When the quiz is completed you can display the selected product in the final quiz page. You can also include a call to action button to let the user complete the purchase. Alternatively, you could redirect to different product landing pages based on the outcome the product selected for each user.

Product landing page

Product Finder Logic

You have a few logic options to select from for selecting the product. You can use skip logic to lead the users to the best product based on their answers. A second logic to apply allows you to strengthen each product based on the answers to questions, selecting the product that got the most points at the end of the quiz. You can also combine the two logic options together.

Selection logic in product finder

Works Great on all Devices

Opinion Stage quizzes are designed to optimally run from all platforms and devices to maximize engagement and completion rates.

Displays on all devices

Easy to Embed

Opinion Stage quizzes support all standard embed options - java-script, iframe, placements, plugins, etc. It is super easy to add Opinion Stage quizzes to all popular ecommerce CMS's (Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, etc) or to any html page.

easy to embed quiz

Fully Customize

Fully customize the look and feel of the product finder. You can select the color, font, sizes and more. Use the css override feature to fully match the quiz to your site and brand. White label the quiz and add your own logo to make it seem like you built the quiz yourself.

Customize Product Finder


The quizzes include built-in social sharing features Get your quiz shared in the popular social networks and get your shop handle followed by the participants. Customize the social sharing images and text to maximize conversion.

result includes social sharing options

Integrate with Your Marketing Automation

Supports hundreds of integrates with CMS's, email and
marketing automation services


Ready to get Started

It takes minutes to create your first product finder

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