How to Add a Quiz to Your Weebly Site in Minutes

How to Add a Quiz to your site

1. Start by Creating a Weebly Quiz

2. Locate the quiz in the Item Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button, and copy the code from the Script tab

4. On your Weebly dashboard, select the EMBED CODE button under MORE

5. Drag and drop the button onto your page

6. Paste the JavaScript code you previously copied

You’re done!

weebly quiz logo

Following is an example of a product select quiz

Following is an example of a Knowledge Quiz

Best Practices for Creating a Quiz

Start by defining the Quiz objective

Start by defining what you want to achieve with the quiz you add to your Weebly site. Quizzes can be used to boost site engagement, gather leads, drive traffic from social shares, drive sales, and more.

Keep it short and simple

Short quizzes perform better than longer ones. Keep the questions and answers as simple as possible. We recommend adding anywhere between 5-15 questions to your quizzes in most cases.

Add images to your quiz

Use images in the cover and questions of your quiz to attract your audience’s attention. You can add an intro image to each question and add images to the answers.

Select a good theme

Make sure that the theme you choose matches your Weebly site’s look and feel and makes your quiz stand out.

Display in a prominent location

We recommend displaying your quiz in a large size and in a prominent location to increase its engagement. Examples include displaying the quiz above the fold in the mainstream or in an enter/exit popup.

Create a Weebly Quiz in Minutes

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For more information, refer to the quiz creator page