Weebly Poll – How to add a Poll to your Weebly site

Follow these steps to add a Weebly poll to your site:

1. Create a poll using the Poll Create Form

2. Locate the poll you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click the “Embed & Share” button and then copy the code from the Script tab

4. On your Weebly dashboard, select the EMBED CODE button, under “MORE”

5. Drag and drop the button onto your page

6. Paste the Script code you previously copied and your content will be shown on Weebly automatically

You’re done!

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Following is an example of a Weebly Poll:

Weebly poll example

To view live poll examples, view our Examples & Templates Page

Tips for creating a Weebly Poll

Keep it short

Try to make the question and answers as short & simple as possible to make it easy to vote and increase the conversion rate.

Use Images / Visuals

Integrating an appealing image can dramatically increase the poll participation rate. You can integrate an introduction image and also an image for each answer.

Make it easy to vote on your Weebly poll

Verify that the answers include all the relevant options and that there isn’t overlap between answers. Offer the user to add his own answer whenever relevant.

Locate in a prominent location

Locate the poll on top of the fold in an article or in an entry/exit popup to maximize participation rates.

For more information, refer to the poll maker page


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