Generate More Ad Revenue with Polls & Quizzes

Ads located in or around polls & quizzes get fantastic engagement and click-through rates. Increase the ad revenue of your site while delighting your users with highly engaging personalized content.

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Ad revenue with polls and quizzes

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How Does It Work?

Follow these 4 easy steps to add a new lucrative revenue stream to your site.

1. Configure Ads Once

You can either manage the ads yourself or let Opinion Stage manage the ads for you.

If you manage the ads, all you need to do is integrate your ad code in our system once.

If you prefer us to manage the ads for you, you will get a monthly revenue-share payout and periodic reports on the revenue your ads generated.

After the ad code is configured all items you create with our platform will include ads.

2. Create Polls & Quizzes

Create highly engaging polls and quizzes.

You can start from scratch or use ready-made templates. It takes minutes.

  • Ask users what they think about trending topics or specific articles.
  • Create a challenging trivia quiz section on your site.
  • Create an exciting poll contest or competition.
  • Make personality quizzes that get shared in social networks and drive traffic to your site.

3. Add the Polls & Quizzes to Your Site

Embed the polls/quizzes you created on your site.

You can either add items to articles one by one or use placements to set defined locations on your site in which the polls or quizzes are displayed. For example, you could place the daily poll at the bottom of every article and the weekly trivia quiz in a quiz section.

Opinion Stage fully integrates with any content management system.

4. Track Ad Revenue

Track the ad revenue in your systems if you use your own ad codes.

Get monthly reports and ad revenue-share payouts if we manage the ads for you.

Loved By Our Customers

Hundreds of customers gave us 5-star reviews

I've used Opinion Stage since 2015 to create engaging quizzes & polls for our readers. The quizzes and polls that we develop are received very positively with a good response. During the years we have used Opinion Stage, our readership has increasingly developed.
Knut Eirik Myhre
Owner at Rockman Magazine
Every year we do a car of the year, that involves readers voting for their favorite car. It used to be really time-consuming, but Opinion Stage has made it super quick and easy. Very easy to implement across all platforms. Works great on mobile. Customer support is great as well.
Glenn Rowswell
Editor at Fast Car Magazine
Great for making shareable content. I like that there are different options of quiz templates so that I can make something that suits any subject. These quizzes allow us to tackle a variety of topics in a fun and easily consumed way that is great to share on social media.
Jessica de Bruyn
Editor & Writer at True Imaginary

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