SquareSpace Form – How to Add a Form to your SquareSpace Site

To add a Form to your SquareSpace site, following these steps:

1) Start by creating the form

2) Click the “Embed & Share” button, and in the dialogue that is displayed, copy the code from the “iframe” tab

3) Go to SquareSpace and open the page you want to add the form to. From the editing options you will notice a “+” sign on the top right corner of the page. The drop-down menu will have a list of options from which you should select the “Embed” block.

squarespace form embed block

4) In the dialog that is opened, click the embed sign

squarespace form embed block 2

5) Copy the embed code you previously copied and then click set

squarespace form embed block 4

6) Click the apply button and then click save

squarespace form embed apply

You’re done!

Following is an example of a SquareSpace form

Squarespace form example

Best practices for creating a squarespace form:

  1. Request only the information you need – the more fields you add to the form the less submissions you will get, so you should verify you only request the information you need
  2. Put the form in a prominent location – the more users that will notice the form, the more submissions you will get. It is recommended to display the form above the fold whenever possible
  3. Customize the form – Opinion Stage offers many customization options to help you match the form look and feel to your site and brand
  4. Integrate with your email marketing – Opinion Stage supports integrates with hundreds of marketing automation services, easily connect to the one you use

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