How well do you know Facebook Advertising?

With Social Media doing wonders for businesses, Facebook Advertising is one handy tool for growing your business. Let's find out how well you have delved into this realm.
Facebook defines ads as:
Facebook ads is a paid platform that gives opportunity to share business information with all the Facebook users having same interests.
Where are you able to view customized reports?
You can check customized reports in Ads Manager.
Targeting and Placement specifications are set at which level?
Targeting and Placement specifications can only be done at ad set level.
In how many ways can you purchase Facebook ads?

You can purchase Facebook Ads through Ads create, power editor, ads API, IO

True or false: is page engagement the objective of the Ad Campaign?
The objective of the Ad Campaign is to get leads and make conversions.
Facebook ad images can't be more than what percentage of text?
All ads can not contain more than 20% text within the image.
How would you target users similar to people that already like your page?
Creating look-alike audience lets you target users similar to people that already like your page.
Where in Facebook do ads appear?
Facebook Ads can appear on the right hand side, the news feed as well as partner apps.
What is used to track events and measure performance?
Conversion tracking pixel lets you track events and know about the performance of each and every ad.
This is a score of 1 to 10 based on how the ad is performing among the selected audience:
Facebook relevance score tells advertisers how their ads are estimated to resonate with audiences.
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