What Type of Content Marketer Are You?

Despite the fact that the majority of content marketers are multi-taskers, there are the areas they are better at and love working in. When it comes to their strategies, channels, and skills, the modern marketers would usually fall under a few categories. Take our quiz to discover which type you belong to!

Discover Your Type
What is your favorite social network?
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Which of the following Key Performance Indicators are the most crucial?
Which format do you usually choose for your content?
How frequently do you analyze the effectiveness of your marketing channels?
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What do you think about social media marketing?
Multi Channel Maven

You are confident that there are no universal marketing tools and one-stop channels. You're heavily involved in all main advertising methods and usually spread your resources across numerous channels. Each of your campaigns may include mobile, call centers, mail campaigns, live events, webinars, social media channels and more. You usually have the intuition to say which option will work best in each case.

Data Nerd

You know that when it comes to marketing, the data is what matters most. You never start the next campaign until the results of the previous one are fully analyzed. Data measuring and recording is the most rewarding part of your job. Researching and data analytics is where you shine. You value Quantitative measurement far more than qualitative methods. That's why you usually rely on the tried-and-tested marketing channels and always trying new ways of advertising. Your experience and wisdom in data examination are unparalleled.

SoLoMo (Social+Local+Mobile) Marketer

You always have your fingers on the pulse of the customers reaching them with the latest social, local, and mobile techniques. You don't need to be taught how to use the latest social media channels, apps and platforms like Vine, WhatsApp, and Instagram. You are always ready to create an engaging post that will definitely be shared among your customers and will bring the sales to your business. Being a SoLoMo Marketer, you are not afraid of innovative solutions and try spending on your campaigns less, utilizing the great power of social media.

The Old-School Master

You certainly know what your customers look like because you take every opportunity to engage directly with them. You are sure that there is nothing better that one-to-one sells and thus often ignore the brand. Direct mail, call centers, and live events are the marketing channels you appreciate most. You are always trying to put yourself in the customer's shoes when brainstorming new campaigns, and therefore you usually succeed. The long-term loyalty of the customers is the asset ever you value most.