Is Your Brain From Mars or Venus?

Is Your Brain From Mars or Venus? In other words, does your thinking lean more to the masculine or feminine side? Find out now.
Do you look back on the past with regret?
Can you crunch numbers in your head?
Is it hard for you to sit still?
How many books do you read on average?
What kind of films do you prefer?
Are you generally a follower or a leader?
Do you want children?
Which quality is more important to you?
Android or iPhone?
Family or career?
Chicken or beef?
Mars (more masculine)
You tend to be driven, career-oriented and independent. You can even be aggressive, but that doesn't mean you don't care about family. Your brain is from Mars.
Venus (more feminine)
You are sensitive, nurturing, supportive and maybe even a little intellectual. But just because you put other's needs above your own doesn't mean you can't have a career and mind of your own. You have solid values and value family as well as your place in it. Your brain is probably from Venus.