What is your Keirsey Personality Type?

Based on the research of Professor David Keirsey, humanity can be categorized according to four different groups. Push astrology aside for a moment and test your temperament! Artisan, Rational, Idealist or Guardian: are you ready to find out which personality type you are?

In most situations I tend to be more...
I would consider a visionary to be...
With my friends and loved ones I tend to be
What do you relate to the most?
On what basis are you more inclined to make a decision?
What's your initial reaction when your phone rings?
What is your defining trait in an argument?
What kind of book most appeals to you?
When entering a room full of strangers you feel...
Which state of mind is the least appealing?
Flexible and fun-loving, you're ready to bend the rules a bit especially if it helps you to get things done effectively. Yours is one of the more spontaneous personalities out there. Your energy and good spirits are an inspiration to your friends and make you valued company in almost any situation.
You're an abstract and objective thinker, and it's in your nature to seek knowledge...you're a Rational! So was Albert Einstein, by the way, so you're in good company. You tend to take a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, which makes you a valued team player as well.
They might say you're a dreamer, but in terms of personality types Idealist is nearer the mark. That's because you have goals and work toward reaching them, but not at the expense of compromising your own code of ethics. You can imagine a brighter future but know that it takes more than hope to achieve it, so you are also an inspiration to your friends and coworkers.
With natural protector instincts, your personality type is Guardian. You are ever mindful of your responsibilities, whether to family, friends or others and that makes you a strong figure and something of a role model. Not one to bend the rules, you respect the rights of others and command their respect too.