How Well Do You Understand Your Cat?

When it comes to letting us know how they feel about us, cats aren’t as expressive as have to know what to look for. How well do you read cat communication?
When cats knead their paws into you, but many researchers agree that they’re...
The action is associated with the comforts of nursing as as kitten.
Sure, it’s a bit gross when cats bring in dead animals, but they do it because ...
In the wild, mother cats teach their young how to hunt and eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey.
When cats rub their head against you, they’re...
Each cat's scent glands contain one-of-a-kind pheromones unique to him or her.
A cat's steady gaze means that...
The unending stare can be pretty intense, but actually, their eyes just naturally blink less than ours.
When cats roll over onto their backs, it's a sign of...
In nature, cats would rarely expose their belly because of how vulnerable it makes them.
The higher your cat's tail goes, the more they are feeling...
Tails are a great indicator of mood. Curved tails can mean playfulness, while a low tail generally means aggression.
When your kitty nips and nibbles at you, they are likely...
Non-aggressive bites are nips of love! This is one of the ways mother cats expression affection to their kittens.
If you get a cat to purr, it means what you're doing is...
A cat's purr is similar to a human smile in that it can indicate happiness or contentment, but also nervousness or confusion.
When a cat walks between your legs, it means they...
It's a classic indicator of affection.
When your cat follows you everywhere, it's a sign they...
As well as wanting to be near you, your cat following you might indicate something specific, such as: my litterbox is dirty, I'm hungry, I'm bored.
Ooh, your heart is in the right place but you, my friend, are cat illiterate. Try this quiz again to see if you can improve.
Not too shabby, kitty. You're still learning how to "speak cat," but you're on the right track.
Purrrr, you're the cat whisperer. Your cat must love you!