What Kind Of Digital Marketer Are You?

Digital marketing can be overwhelming. With so many strategies to choose from, endless competition, and numbers that do not lie, you may find yourself questioning your marketing style and choices. Before you doubt, let's find out - “what kind of digital marketer are you?”. Once you understand where you're coming from it'll be easier for you to assess your inclinations and decisions.

What do you think about social media marketing?
Where do you like to connect with your users?
What is the best way to measure success?
How do you learn about new marketing trends?
Knowing everything about your target audience before you start marketing to them is crucial to a good marketing strategy. Agree?
How many followers do you have on social media platforms?
I spend the most time on...
Which is your preferred way to promote a brand?
How flexible/adaptable are you?
What is the Internet for you?
The Social Media Evangelist
You are the kind of marketer everyone calls a “Social Media Freak” (in a good way though). Social Media is your home and you know every trick in the book. You are the one everyone looks to when it comes to social media marketing. Being “THE” master of this amazing world, you understand ROI, can drive more than 90% of social sharing generated revenue, and have the analytical skills needed to exceed your KPIs and influence your company's bottom line.
The Digital Marketing Guru
You are a god of digital marketing – a Guru every company needs in its marketing team to lead the business up the success ladder. As a marketing specialist, you can sense your users’ pulse. You know how to target the right audience, create an accurate brand identity, and drive a mean marketing campaign, while constantly boosting the figures. You know every nook and cranny of the digital marketing space and skillfully create and implement new processes and new user engagement strategies to exceed sales goals.
The Numbers Nerd

“Yes, I know people are screaming about digital marketing and new-age online marketing methods; but do they actually work?” Sound like you? Then, you are the numbers nerd (it's a good thing!). You know everything about the digital world and its disruptive boom, but trust the numbers and only the numbers. Your strategies are all data-driven. You are not very interested in trying new platforms; in fact, you prefer to establish the brand through tried and tested marketing channels. Live events, email marketing, press releases, and direct mails - these are the tools you believe in because they work for you.