Can You Use These Often Misused Words Correctly?

They can be tricky things, those words: even the little ones, sometimes. The words in these simple sentences are frequently misused. Can you tell us which is the correct word to use?
I would be glad to _______ your generous package
There are _______ many cooks in the kitchen!
Our family _______ from India thirty years ago.
It's better to have an ugly car _______ no car at all!
Martha couldn't help but notice the _______ change in the weather.
Apply the ointment to the _______ eye.
She purposely made a negative remark to _______ a response from you.
The_______ building is located in the center of town.
It is really amazing that _______ finally engaged!
Grandpa is sick of telling Matsu, ''don't forget _______ coat!''
We're going to say it right: you got more than just a couple wrong! But hey, words can be tricky and the good part is there's always room to learn. Better luck next time!
Hey hey, you're on the way! The word police called and they said you're doing a great job with pinning down pesky words that many people confuse. Keep of the good work!
Excellent work! Mr. Dictionary called to say he's very impressed...and is looking forward to more of your keen eye in the future.
Are you some kind of word wizard? Looks that way, because you aced this quiz. If any word out there wants to make trouble with you, they better watch will slay them with expertise!