Can You Guess These World Populations?

So, you think you're a geography buff? Test your knowledge of world populations with this quiz.
Let's start big. How many people live in mainland China?
USA! USA! What's the population of the star spangled superpower?
England has given us Shakespeare, David Beckham, and a lot of tea. What's the island's population?
Saudi Arabia, the oil-rich country, has a population of...
South Korea, home of Samsung, is a technology powerhouse. What's the population?
And what about Germany?
Iceland is known for a natural landscape that features active volcanoes and gorgeous geysers. What's your population guess?
Where would we be without Brazil? How many people call South American country home?
And finally, Vatican City. What's the population of the Pope's home turf?
So geography isn't your strong suit. No shame in that! We suggest focusing on another talent, like rocket science or cookie baking. Or, if you're feeling confident, try taking the quiz again!
Not bad! Your geography knowledge is above average and we are officially impressed.
You rocked it. Seriously, this quiz was filled with curve balls but nothing got by you. You're a geography whiz with the whole world in your hands.