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With our quiz maker, your quiz will be ready in no time.

1. Create

Create a quiz from scratch or choose from one of our optimized quiz templates. Customize your quiz any way you like and click ‘Publish’.

2. Share

Share your quiz on any social media platform or messaging app, send it to your email list, or embed it anywhere on your website. It’s as easy as copy & paste.

3. Track

Keep track of the responses as they come in and use them to optimize your quiz. Get to know your audience and strengthen your connection with them.

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Why Make a Quiz?

The gist of it – quizzes are fun, challenging, and exciting. People love them, and they work. Here are a few more great reasons to make a quiz:

Get Fantastic Engagement & Traffic

A good quiz can yield more than 80% participation and 90% completion rates. And with our quiz builder, a good quiz is easy to make.

  • Boost engagement and get tons of responses by creating a beautiful quiz that loads fast and is optimized for all platforms.
  • Use a personality quiz to excite your audience, increase social shares, and drive relevant traffic to your site or blog post.
  • Get new people to see your content and keep them around for longer by adding a quiz.
  • Make an effective quiz funnel to boost participation rates and sales.

Generate Qualified Leads With Quiz Funnel Software

An interactive lead quiz can generate 500% more leads than a standard lead form.

  • Use quiz questions to qualify leads, learn more about them, and connect with your prospects. Our quiz funnel software allows you to create custom quizzes that are perfectly tailored to your business and your target audience.
  • Create a prize competition to further incentivize participants to share their contact info.
  • Use a lead generation quiz to gather valuable information that will help you optimize your email marketing, product/service recommendations, and client relations.

Create Assessments & Tests

Make your tests and assessments more accessible, effective, and efficient with our Kahoot! alternative. Educators and corporate trainers use online quizzes because:

  • They’re super easy to create and distribute via web or email.
  • Students can fill them out from any device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Result analysis is very simple and accessible with the Opinion Stage dashboard.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

70% of people feel closer to a business after engaging with its content, and 61% are more likely to buy from a brand that shares unique content.

  • Create interactive quizzes that align with your brand’s messaging and design.
  • Use them to give your audience a fun, engaging, personalized experience they won’t forget.
  • With our quiz builder, you can integrate banners that feature your products/services.

Enrich Corporate Training

Almost 40% of employees find boring content and conventional delivery to be major learning barriers in workplace training. Use a quiz maker to create quizzes that offer exciting learning experiences.

  • Invite employees to check their own knowledge and learn from every correct or incorrect answer with a knowledge assessment.
  • Get a quick read of your class, their skills, and the knowledge gaps you need to address with a quick test.
  • Use an online survey to gather actionable feedback from your trainees.

Guide Users to the Right Product

Choosing a product isn’t easy. In fact, 70% of buyers switch to a competitor for easier product discovery. Use a product finder quiz to simplify the selection process for your customers.

  • Make a quick and simple custom online quiz that asks buyers about themselves, their preferences, and their requirements.
  • Use our quiz maker to build a product finder and give shoppers the information they need while connecting with them.
  • Lead your customers to the right product for them with a fun shoppable quiz.

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Why Use The Opinion Stage Quiz Maker?

The quick answer: because, if you’re an educator, a publisher, or a marketer, our quiz creator is built to work for you.

Create Quizzes Quickly & Easily

Make fun, engaging, and professional quizzes in no time with our quiz maker.

You can make a quiz from scratch or use one of our handy quiz templates.

Whichever method you choose, it’s always easy and fast. No code and no learning curve required.

A Quiz Maker Designed for Conversion

The Opinion Stage quiz maker is built to help you get tons of traffic and convert it into leads, sales, and actionable insights.

It only takes minutes to make a beautiful quiz that will draw your audience in, engage them, and encourage them to share it with others.

Make Any Type of Quiz

Use our personality quiz maker to create a product finder, personality test, or lead quiz.

Use our trivia quiz maker to build a true/false quiz, scored quiz, multiple choice quiz, knowledge test, and more.

Choose between a variety of formats, advanced features, and question types to make your quiz flow.

You can use standard text, single or multiple image layouts. Add videos to all quiz types to make your interactive content stand out and keep participants engaged until the end.

Responsive & Mobile-Optimized

Our fully responsive design ensures that all types of quizzes made with our online quiz maker perform well and look great on all devices, from small mobile phones to large desktop screens.

Your interactive content is automatically optimized to load fast on all networks. We store multiple versions of each image in order to serve your audience the best version for their network connection and device.

Fully Customizable

Customize your quiz so that it perfectly matches your brand and gives your audience a personalized experience they will remember.

  • Look & feel: Choose a theme, font, letter size, text color, and images. Use custom CSS to change every design aspect. White label your quiz and add your logo to make it look like you developed it in-house.
  • Voice & tone: Make every CTA button, question, and answer option your own. Match it with your brand messaging and marketing communications.
  • Skip logic: Make your audience feel seen and heard. Skip logic lets you send respondents to different questions, based on their response to a previous question.
  • Promote social sharing: Add social share buttons, and encourage your audience to follow your social handles.

Ready-to-Use Quiz Templates

Well-designed quizzes increase participation rates and social sharing, reduce drop-offs, and make your brand shine.

We offer hundreds of customizable templates for you to choose from, each answers a different need, and all are optimized for conversion and results.

Use a template as is to make a fun quiz in minutes or change any aspect of it – questions, images, configurations, and more.

Secure, Private, & GDPR Compliant

We make sure that your data, as well as your audience’s data, is safe. Top organizations and publishers trust us with their quizzes.

  • All data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers and all data transit is done over HTTPS.
  • We follow industry-standard security and privacy guidelines and strictly comply with general data protection regulations.
  • We conduct regular assessments to verify that your data is secure and safe.

Useful Analytics & Effective Reporting

Receive detailed performance and result reports that you can use to perfect your content and engage your audience.

  • See how many times your quiz was viewed, started, and completed.
  • Find out how long people stayed and exactly where they dropped off.
  • Get a visual segmentation of each answer in a pie chart, bar chart, and table form.

This data will help you see your quiz through your audience’s eyes and optimize it for maximum engagement.

Seamless Integration With Your Marketing Automation

Connect your quiz to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system to collect answers, submissions, email addresses, and user details in real-time.

  • Native integrations with Mailchimp, Hubspot, custom webhooks, API, Zapier, and more.
  • Get an email notification on each submission.
  • Easily export responses and metadata to Excel, Google Sheets, or CSV files.
  • Set up Facebook and Google pixels to boost your remarketing and conversion efforts.

Embed & Share Anywhere

Invite your audience to interact with your content anytime and anywhere.

How to Make a Quiz

A quick step-to-step guide that will help you make awesome quizzes that your audience will love.

Set a goal

Before building a quiz, think about what you want to achieve with it.

Do you want to educate your audience, create a buzz, or draw attention to
a certain product range?

Defining a clear content goal will help you choose the right type of quiz for your needs.

Define your audience

Once you know what you want to achieve, turn your attention to your audience.

Who do you want to reach and connect with? What types of questions, content, images, questions, and information will entertain them and give them value?

Tapping into your audience’s interests will help you engage them.

Choose a quiz type

Now that you know where you’re aiming you can select the quiz styles that suit your goals.

Want to help your audience choose the best product for their needs? Use a personality quiz to build a product recommendation quiz.

Looking to teach your audience about your field of expertise? A trivia game that displays correct answers in real-time is a good way to go.

Interested in assessing the knowledge your audience acquired in a training course? Use our online test maker to build a quick knowledge test.

These are just a few examples. Whichever type you choose, remember every single quiz is an opportunity for you and your quiz takers to learn something
new together.

Start building with our quiz maker

Open our online quiz creator and start building! It’s as simple as that.

You can use one of our templates or create a quiz from scratch, whatever you prefer. Make sure your title and short intro are inviting, add an eye-catching image, and an enticing call to action button.

If you’re making a personality quiz the next step will be to define all the possible outcomes your quiz taker could reach. Written and designed correctly, they can be really powerful and insightful.

Next, come the questions. Engaging quizzes are made of great questions that are easy to understand and interesting to answer. Make them even greater by adding image questions, videos, and correct answer explanations to amplify the meaning and enhance the experience.

Share it with your audience

After creating your custom quiz, take your mind back to your audience.

Ask yourself, where do they hang out? When do you want to catch their attention? Where are they most likely to notice you and share your content with others?

Based on your answers, choose where to share your quiz. Add it to your site, share it on any social network, messaging app, or email list. It’s as easy as pie!

Keep an eye on the dashboard

Once your quiz is live, answers will start flowing in giving you the opportunity to analyze user behavior.

Think of your dashboard as a friendly version of Google Analytics for quizzes. You can look at the answers people send in, check the engagement and time on page, examine the drop-off points, and more.

Take this opportunity to look at your content from your audience’s perspective.

Optimize for your audience & goal

Now that you see your quiz through your audience’s eyes you can fine-tune it to get even more conversions and shares.

  • Make sure your quiz is beautiful, good images will keep your audience engaged.
  • Keep it simple, use language that’s easy to understand, and ask only the important questions.
  • Build your question path gradually, starting with an easy type of question and moving on to more challenging ones.
  • Finally, be friendly. Use positive, empowering, and humorous language that will make your quiz takers feel good.

Analyze the results & use them

The answers and results you receive will teach you a lot. Use this knowledge to take your client relations to the next level, personalize your marketing content, or hone your brand messaging.

Your dashboard is also a great source for new content. Check out the different segmentations, you may discover some interesting trends and insights that your team and audience could find interesting.

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Where can I find a free quiz maker? 

Opinion Stage’s free plan is a good place to start. You can create unlimited quizzes and there’s no limit to how long you can use the service. 

How can I make a multiple choice quiz?

With Opinion Stage’s quiz builder, you can make a multiple choice quiz from scratch or you can use a template. Simply choose the answer layout you want and add the number of answers you need. To make your multiple choice quiz more engaging, you can indicate more than one correct answer, randomize the order of answers, and even add answer explanations.  

How can I create a website quiz?

You can easily add any quiz, survey, poll, or form you create with Opinion Stage to your own website, regardless of the platform you’re using. Whether you’re on Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, or Elementor, the process is always as simple as copying and pasting a code.

We also offer a convenient WordPress quiz plugin that allows you to seamlessly embed your quiz onto your WordPress site. 

How can I create a test?

You can create a test with the help of our AI-powered platform, create a test from scratch, or use one of our test templates. No matter which method you choose, you’ll have a test that’s tailored to your needs in no time. 

How do I make a personality quiz?

With Opinion Stage’s personality quiz maker, you can quickly create a personality quiz that’s fun, engaging, and optimized for conversion. Don’t forget to add skip logic to personalize your quiz and take your respondents down a question path that’s relevant to them. 

Where can I find a picture quiz maker?

A good place to start is with our picture quiz template. Use the template as-is or change anything you like. You can upload your own images, videos, and GIFs, or choose images from our handy image library. 

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In 20 years of classroom teaching and class management, this is my best new teaching app ever!! The format is user-friendly and the students find the activities engaging.
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