Unbounce Quiz – Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

How to Add a Quiz to Unbounce

1. Create an Unbounce Quiz using the Quiz Creation Form

2. Locate the quiz you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click on the Embed & Share button, and from the Script tab copy the code

4. Open your Unbounce account (the URL for the page should begin ‘https://app.unbounce.com/…..’ Go to your landing page where you want to add the quiz. 

5. You will need to add a template from the Unbounce template section (refer to the image below). 

Unbounce Quiz – How To Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

6. Create or mark space where you want to put the HTML code. 

Unbounce Quiz – How To Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

7. Once figured, click on the ‘HTML’ option from the sidebar menu and drag-drop it to the desired position (as shown in the image below). 

Unbounce Quiz – How To Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

8. After successfully placing the HTML code box, click on it to add the code that you earlier copied from the Opinion Stage script tab for the quiz. 

Unbounce Quiz – How To Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

9. Once you have added the code, save the changes to preview page before making it live on the internet. The image below is a representation of how the quiz should look on the landing page. 

Unbounce Quiz – How To Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

You can embed different types of quizzes to your landing page on Unbounce. The interactive nature of these quizzes would speed-up the audience interaction and boost lead generation. You can use unbounce directly or integrate it into your own site using the many integrations it offers.

You can add a Personality Quiz like this to revel your users:

Or, you can add a Trivia Quiz like this one to improve user engagement:

Benefits of Creating a Quiz on Unbounce

Generate Leads

Quizzes and polls are frequently being used as the ultimate tools for lead generation. A study conducted by CMI revealed that up to 79% of marketers go for more interactive content like quizzes and assessments to boost their leads. What makes interactive content so attractive is its ability to engage with the audience in a fun way and fetch more conversions. 

Quality Data Collection

A quiz can fetch you relatable user data with their interests neatly outlined for further utilization in your marketing efforts. Based on quiz results, you will be able to understand what kind of users occupy a significant space around your target audience.  

Boost Social Engagement

Quizzes are known to be highly shared by users. If your landing page’s quiz relates to users in a significant way, there is good chance the user will share it in social networks. This way, your reach on social channels may increase. 

Best Methods for Creating an Unbounce Quiz

Define the Quiz Results

Before writing up a quiz, define its outcomes. For example: if they get a score, benchmark, short advice, or more. You need to relate the outcome to the ultimate goal of the landing page. 

Add a Call to Action at the End of the Quiz

You have to check if the quiz has a strong and defined Call to Action (CTA). We suggest keeping your end goal clear so that your quiz can bring you the results you want. You may want to collect email addresses by asking users to get the quiz result in their email. Alternatively, you may want to pitch them to share their result on sharing media. Your ultimate goal needs to be defined before putting up a quiz.

Interesting & Exciting Content

A quiz is not just about getting results; it should also be a fun activity for the user who lands on your page. Keep the quiz exciting and fun by adding content that triggers an emotional response and keeps the participant hooked for more. Keep the language simple and understandable without any grammatical errors or long sentences. Short and sweet goes a long way here!

Powerful Visuals 

Influential visuals are essential for getting the first-hand interest of the user. A quiz supported by strong visuals like images or videos results in a higher engagement rate for your landing page. 

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