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Why Use Our Survey Maker?

Following are the top reasons why our questionnaire maker stands out

Get More Responses

The Opinion Stage interactive survey maker is designed for maximizing the number of participants that complete the survey. This is achieved by creating questionnaire that look great, are interactive, and are designed to optimally display on all devices and platforms. This lets you get the results you need in a more cost-effective way. It also improves the quality of the responses.

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Beautifully Designed Free Questionnaire

Use visually appealing designs and question layouts to create beautiful online surveys that people love to participate in. Beautiful surveys lead to higher participation rates and better results. The Opinion Stage free survey maker lets you integrate images in both the questions and the answers to help clarify the questions and beautify your Questionnaire.

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Easy & Fast to Create

The free survey maker offers an intuitive survey creation form that let's you get up-and-going in minutes. Create from scratch or create from one of the hundreds of optimized templates offered in the survey templates library.

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Advanced Survey Reporting

Get detailed reports on all aspect of the survey results and performance. Performance reports let you see views, starts and completion rates of the survey. You'll also be able to see how much time the user spent on your survey and the drop-off report. Result reports include a break-down of answer responses, an outcome report, detailed submission report, a lead report and more. You can also export all the information to a CSV / XLS file for advanced analysis. The survey tool also let's you automatically send all the submitted data to one of the hundreds of 3rd party applications that integrate with Opinion Stage.

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Fully Customize Your Survey

Fully customize your online survey tool so that it perfectly matches your brand and site. Select from existing themes and fonts or use your own font and custom CSS to change every design aspect of the survey including color, font, sizes, and more. You can also white label the survey and add your own logo to it.

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Responsive & Mobile Optimized

A fully responsive design verifies the online questionnaire performs & looks great on all types of devices, including mobile, tablets, laptops & desktops. In addition, the surveys are optimized for fast loading on slower network connections to verify participation rates are maximized in all environments. Images are optimized for the device and network to verify they both load fast and look great.

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Ready to Get Started?

Get Email Notifications on Submissions

Get real-time emails notifications each time a user submits a survey. Notifications include all the information gathered in the survey including meta data and contact information. This will let you quickly followup with users in case you want to ask them additional questions based on their answers.

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Embed Anywhere or Use our Landing Pages

The surveys or questionnaires can be embedded on any content management system or HTML web page. Opinion Stage free survey maker supports different types of embeds and integrations - javascript, iframe, placements, plugins and more. In case you don't own a website or prefer your brand to stay anonymous, you can run the survey from an optimized landing page on the Opinion Stage site. For more detail on embedding on popular site builders refer to WordPress Survey Plugin, Squarespace Survey, Survey on Wix, Shopify Embed, and Weebly Survey.

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Secure and Private Survey

The Survey and submitted data is stored on secure Amazon AWS servers in the cloud. All data is encrypted in transit. We follow industry security and privacy standards to verify the data is not compromised. Regular security assessments and audits are performed to verify your data is secure. Top organizations and publishers trust Opinion Stage with their surveys and data. For more details, refer to our privacy policy.

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Survey Skip / Branch Logic

Use branch logic / skip logic to ask different follow up questions based on answers to previous question. Make your survey questions personalized and relevant to each survey participant. Verify the data you gather with your survey is of high quality, by asking only the relevant questions. You can also qualify the users that answer the online survey to verify only qualified respondents are included in your research.

survey branch logic

Gather Contact Information

Gather contact details of the users that participated in the survey or questionnaire by integrating a lead form inside the survey. The lead form can include different types of fields and any number of fields that you like. You can use this contact info to conduct follow up research based on the survey answers.

survey contact form example

How to Make a Survey in 4 Steps

It takes minutes to get up and going with a fully configured survey

1. Add Survey Questions & Closings

You can create a survey from scratch or based on one of the hundreds of optimized survey templates. Add the survey questions using the different question types (e.g. closed questions, open questions, etc). Configure one or more closings.

2. Configure the Survey Settings

Configure the survey using dozens of features including skip logic, email notifications on submissions, the option to integrate a contact form in the survey, block repeat voting, call to action at the end of the survey and many more.

3. Customize the Survey

You can customize every aspect of the survey look & feel including colors, fonts and sizes. Select one of the pre-configured themes or create your own theme using CSS override. white label your survey and add your own logo.

4. Share the Survey

Share the quiz with your email list or social followers by sending them a link to the survey landing page. If you own a website, add the survey to your site in a single page, a section on your site or in an exit/enter popup.

Recommendations for Maximizing the Survey Response Rate

Following are some recommendations that will help you create more effective surveys that get a higher response rate.

1. Keep it Short

The more questions you will add to your survey, the less answers you will get. Verify that you only include questions that are mandatory for getting the insights you need. Refer to a research published on the social science computer review, to learn more about the affect the length of a survey has on the completion rates.

2. Make it Easy

When formulating your questions verify that they are easy to answer, and that the easier questions are displayed in the beginning of the survey. Whenever possible use simple/easy language in the question and make it as short as possible. Verify that the answers don't overlap and that there aren't missing options.

3. Make it visual

Including images/videos inside your survey will make it much more engaging and therefore you will get a higher participation rate. Match the visuals with the question context to make the question more clear and exact. You can use our internal image search function to easily find images that fit. For more details, refer to this article on images in Opinion Stage items.

4. Personalize the Survey

Personalize your survey so that different users get different questions based on their previous answers. You can achieve that using our skip logic feature, that let's you verify users only get only the quesions relevant to them. Using skip logic, you can also qualify the users so that only information from relevant users is gathered.

Our Customers Love Us

Some of the hundreds of 5 star reviews we got


Was easy to get up-and-going, had all the features I needed with very good support. What I liked most is that the surveys got amazing response rates due to their interactive nature and the fact that they are visually beautiful with images and videos. That's what makes this service so unique. 5 stars!

Moti R.


This professional looking plug-in provides us with the opportunity to create surveys, quizzes and add them to our webpage in just a few minutes. One can, as well, add images and videos to increase engagement. The interface to create surveys and quizzes are really user-friendly.

Eran I.


It is user friendly and it makes it super easy to create almost any kind of survey. I was really surprised when I first started it. Super helpful!

Alfonso P


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Connect the survey to your marketing automation systems so that the survey submissions are automatically populated to your systems.

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