Generate Leads Using Interactive Content

Leads are the lifeblood of any successful business. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, you need to have a process that allows you to collect, convert, and close your leads. Without one, you’ll have a hard time increasing your sales and revenue.

Traditional lead forms offer a simple way to collect leads on your site or blog, but they can be ineffective in many situations. A better alternative is to use an interactive quiz or poll to get your customers’ information.

Generating leads with interactive content

Integrating a lead form inside your interactive content is more effective than displaying a static lead form on your page. You can expect to get up to a 500% more leads because people are much more likely to submit their contact details once they are invested in your content.

Moreover, if you provide proper incentives to submit contact information, it multiplies this tendency. Incentives can include offering a discount, a prize, a consultation service, or sending a valuable download via email.

Lead generation examples

Below is an example of an interactive quiz and poll. Both of these formats can help you generate a significant amount of leads.

Poll Example:

For more information on polls, head to the Poll Maker product page

Quiz Example:

For more information on quizzes, head to the Quiz Maker product page

Lead segmentation

Interactive content also helps you get higher quality leads because you can associate each lead to responses in your quiz or poll. This helps you gain a better understanding of your audience’s preferences, as well as their demographic and psychographic traits.

For example, in the quiz above, you can determine your audience’s travel preferences based on their answers. You can then follow up with a tailored offer to maximize the chances of them becoming paying customers.

Get your users to take action

It’s recommended that you add a call for action button on your interactive quiz, along with some text that explains why the user should participate. This will improve your chances of converting the user into a qualified lead. For example, you can ask them to download an ebook, buy your product, or subscribe to your newsletter.

Track performance

You can use Opinion Stage to measure every aspect of your lead generation campaign including, the number of leads generated, engagement rate, drop-off points, and more. You can also export all of this information for advanced analysis. Below is an example of a report:

Retarget users

Opinion Stage lets you add tracking pixels to the different parts of your interactive content. You can configure these pixels to “fire” based on the answers users provide, and then integrate your data with Facebook Ads & Adwords to target your qualified leads with different messages after they’ve left your site.

Marketing automation integration

Opinion Stage integrates with hundreds of marketing automation and email services. This allows you to fully integrate your interactive content campaigns with your existing marketing systems and to track their performance against your benchmarks.


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