How to Add a Quiz to Your Blogger Site

Make an engaging Blogger quiz in minutes to boost brand awareness, website traffic, time on site, newsletter registrations,  and even sales.

Make a Blogger Quiz in Minutes

Follow these steps to add a Blogger quiz to your site:

1. Make a quiz

Start with one of our engaging quiz templates or create a personality quiz or a trivia quiz from scratch.

create a quiz screenshot

2. Copy embed code

Locate the quiz you created in the items dashboard. Click on the “Share” button that’s associated with it, select the “general embed” tab and copy the code.

copy html embed code

3. Add to Blogger

Go to your Blogger account, and open the page/post editor in “HTML View”. Paste the script code you copied into the body of the post/page and click “Publish Post”.

Try this quiz

Blogger Quiz Creation Tips

Incorporate these suggestions and tips in your quiz creation process to take your Blogger quiz to the next level.

Focus on Your Audience

Select a quiz subject that will be appealing to your audience. Consider what title would drive them to action and make them curious about the results.

Select the Right Length

Don’t make the quiz too long or too short. We recommend creating quizzes that include 5-15 questions.

Add Images to Your Quiz

Add an image to the quiz cover and to each one of the quiz questions. Select appealing images that stand out.

Place It In a Prominent Location

Locate your quiz on top of the fold in the center stream or in a popup to verify users don’t overlook it.

For more information, refer to the quiz page.

You can also make a Blogger poll to engage your audience, community, or customers with one quick question that starts a conversation.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

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