HubSpot Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to Hubspot

How to Create a Hubspot Quiz

1) Start by creating a quiz from scratch or from a quiz template

2) Locate the quiz you created in the dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button and copy the code from the iframe tab

4) Open your blog post (or create a new one)

5) From the rich editor, click “Insert” drop-down and then the “Embed” menu item.

6) Paste the embed code you previously copied.

You’re done!

hubspot quiz image

Gather More Qualified Leads with Quizzes

Quizzes are great for gathering more qualified leads, as the contact information is associated with the quiz answers, learn more about creating a HubSpot quiz for gathering leads here.

Here is an example of a quiz that gathers leads:

Best Practices for Creating Quizzes

Think about your audience

When selecting the quiz topic, think about your audience. What will make your audience curious and interested to participate and complete the quiz? Select an appealing title that is sharp and clear.

Use Images in your HubSpot quiz

Use images & videos in your quiz to dramatically increase their appeal and improve the overall engagement of the quiz to your users. The most important image is the cover image that is important to draw your users into the quiz. You can optionally add images to each question and to the answers to further improve engagement, and add another layer of context to the questions/answers.

Keep it in the right length

It is important that the quiz is long enough to convince your users it will bring value to them. But it is also recommended not to make it too long, not to lose to today’s users’ short attention span. We recommend including 5-15 questions in your HubSpot quiz so that it has enough substance but is not too long.

Customize the look & feel

You can customize every aspect of the quiz to fully match your brand and site. You can select the color theme, the font, and the sizes of the quiz. Use CSS override for advanced customizations to make it perfectly meet your graphic guidelines. You can white label the quiz and add your own logo to it.

Types of Quizzes for HubSpot

There are many different types of quizzes that you can create, but they usually fall into 2 generic types: Trivia Quizzes and Personality Quizzes

Trivia Quiz

Trivia quizzes can be used for running a knowledge quiz, an assessment quiz, or a scored quiz. Trivia quizzes are comprised of multiple-choice questions in which there are 1 or more correct answers.

Check out the Trivia quiz template dashboard

Personality Quiz

A personality quiz is an outcome quiz that leads the user to a specific outcome based on the answers he provides to the asked questions. You can create a personality quiz for generating engagement, for gathering leads, for improving your sales funnel, as a product finder, and more.

To view more personality quiz examples, check out the Personality quiz template dashboard

Create a HubSpot Quiz in Minutes

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