150+ True or False Questions (Answers Included)

Are you looking for a fun way to engage your website visitors? How about asking them some true or false questions? It can be both telling and enjoyable.

Adding a true or false quiz to your website will not only draw your audience in but will also give them something to share. Most importantly, it’ll give you the opportunity to get to know them better.

These are the true or false question topics we will cover. You can jump right in or read on for some useful information on how to build a true/false question and what you can use it for.

Types of True or False Questions

True or false questions are a type of choice questions where you present your respondents with a statement and ask them to choose the correct answer between two answer options, which are “true” or “false”, of course.

There’s no limit to the kind of true or false questions you can ask. But generally, they’re broken down into two main categories:

Person asking and wondering

Once you pin down the type and goal of the questions you wish to ask, it’s time to decide on the question format.

Types of Quizzes & Formats

If you want to ask one true or false question (or more) online, you basically have three distinct question generation formats to choose from. You could:

Whether you choose to make a quiz, survey, or poll, you can base it purely on the true or false format or combine a variety of question formats. Examine your goals, the type of data you’re after, and the nature of your audience to figure out which approach is best for you. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to answer one final question: what should you ask? Below, you will find all the inspiration you need, broken down by category.

Trivia True or False Questions

True or false formats can be used as exam questions,  control questions, competitive quizzes, formative assessment questions, and more. But they can also be used for fun and games! Here’s a collection of Trivia true/false questions for you to enjoy. We’re sure they’ll give you ideas for many more. 

Here’s a live example of a true or false trivia quiz, try it out:

Personality True or False Questions

True or false questions are not all about knowledge. You can use them to get to know your participants better and to help them learn new things about themselves. Here are some examples. 

Different personalities

If you have the capacity to process free-form answers, you could add an “it’s complicated” answer option that leads to an open question like “tell us more”. It’s a nice way to get to know your audience even better, and maybe gain new perspectives you hadn’t thought of. On the other hand, if your goal is quantitative, and you want to receive definitive results it would be better to stick to the binary answer options. 

Knowledge Questions About Personality Types

Entertainment True or False Questions

Here are some true or false quiz questions that can help you learn more about your audience’s preferences and knowledge of entertainment. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of course, but it will get those creative wheels turning. 

Entertaining performance

Entertainment Personality Questions

Entertainment Knowledge Questions

Remember, you can use such true or false questions as part of an entertainment survey or quiz. But you could also run polls with individual questions leading into a content funnel that is based on people’s votes.

Business True or False Questions

Enough with the fun and games, let’s get down to business. The following true or false statements could help you learn more about colleagues, employees, and potential recruits. If you’re a B2B service or product provider you could also use them to learn about your audience’s demographics, needs, knowledge gaps, and preferences.

Business meeting

Business Personality Questions

As the true/false statements above demonstrate, you can combine fact-based statements and opinion-based statements to get a comprehensive understanding of your participant’s business background and perceptions. Add some knowledge assessment statements to complete the picture. Below are some examples you could choose from. 

Business Knowledge Questions

Financial True or False Questions

True or false questions about money and finance, especially the personality type, are a powerful way to tap into people’s deepest values, beliefs, and fears. However, money is also a loaded subject, and some people may feel confronted by the questions you ask.

so there are a few things you can do to minimize dropoffs and false answers. First of all, use tolerant and nonjudgemental language in your intro, questions, statements, and closing. Secondly, make sure your questions are not too intrusive, ask yourself if you would be willing to answer them. Finally, Try to create an even balance of questions that are easy and challenging. 

Plant growing out of a jar of coins

Financial Personality Questions

Financial Knowledge Questions

Marketing True or False Questions

The statements we selected for these true or false choice questions are mostly directed at marketers. For example, questions that could help a recruiter gauge the suitability of a prospect. However, you could ask questions about marketing that target the general public or the audience of a specific marketing strategy. 

Facebook live video camera

Marketing Personality Questions

Marketing Knowledge Questions

Career True or False Questions

When designing your career questionnaire, try to create a balance of questions that are based on positive statements and negative statements. You want your participants to feel the need to switch between true and false as opposed to sticking with a preferred answer automatically.


Career Personality Questions

Career Knowledge Questions

True or False Questions for Students

Adding True or False questions to assessments, quizzes, and questionnaires is a great way to measure student performance, student engagement, and of course, student knowledge and skill development. Here we chose not to focus on true-or-false test questions, but rather on personality statements that could help in the process of developing a portrait of student thinking and state of mind.  

Students in class

Travel True or False Questions


Travel Personality Questions

Knowledge Questions For Globetrotters

Final Thoughts on True or False Questions

So, there you have it. As you can see, there’s no shortage of true or false questions to ask. And best yet, these questions fit into a variety of scenarios. In other words, you can choose the true or false format as a theme, or combine it with other types of questions. You could also stick to the strict true/false structure or add a third answer option like “none of the above”. If it serves your purpose you could invite participants to elaborate on their choice or add answer comments and explanations as added value. The options are endless, it all depends on what you wish to learn and achieve. 

We hope our questions and guidelines steer you in the right direction and that you’re excited to get started on your true or false adventure. So, jump right in and create a true or false poll. 

150+ True or False Questions (Answers Included)
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