WordPress Survey Plugin – How to Add a Survey to Your Site

Follow these steps to add a survey to your WordPress site:

1) Install the Survey Plugin

2) Connect the plugin to Opinion Stage

3) Create a Survey using the Survey Creation Form

4) Add the Survey to your post/page using the classic editor or Gutenberg editor

You’re done!

wordpress survey plugin logo

View the following video tutorial of the Opinion Stage WordPress survey plugin:



Following is an example of a WordPress Survey:

WordPress survey plugin

Check out this WordPress survey live example:

Best practices for creating a WordPress Survey

Think about your audience

Before starting to write the survey questions, verify you know who are the users that will be filling it. Tailor the questions to your audience to maximize participation.

Define what you want to discover

Map all the answers you are looking to get from the survey to verify you are asking all the needed questions. If you know all the possible answers to a question, select a close-ended question. If you are not sure what the answer options are, use close-ended questions.

Keep it short

Try to minimize the number of questions you ask. Remember, the more questions you ask the fewer answers you will get. Try to keep the question titles and answers short as well.

Use visuals

Adding images to your survey will dramatically improve the participation rates. Try to select images that add additional context to the questions. You can add a cover image, an introduction image to each question, and thumbnail or large images to each answer.

Use skip logic

Skip logic will let you personalize the journey of the user in your survey. Based on answers to the questions, you can send users to different follow-up questions.

Top Reasons To Add Survey To Your Website 

Measure Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is what distinguishes a big brand from a small one. Most big brands periodically conduct surveys to gauge how customers react to their products and services. These services enable them to understand the mindset of their customers better. By integrating a survey on your website, you can directly engage with your customers and get honest feedback. This will help you measure what percentage of your customers are happy with your current offerings and how many are looking for improvements. 

In your survey, you can ask customers to give you a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. By doing so, you’ll be able to:

  • Segment loyal customers who give you a rating between 9 to 10. These customers could be your brand advocates and promoters. 
  • Identify customers who are not satisfied with your services and receive valuable and constructive feedback from them
  • Based on satisfied and dissatisfied customers, you can offer them more personalized content for better engagement. 

Check out our customer feedback survey template:

Identify Customer Acquisition Channels & Buyer Behaviour

Adding surveys could enhance your marketing efforts. By surveying your customers, you can find meaningful information to optimize your best sources of customers and distribution channels. 

Buyer behavior is another aspect that can be identified through surveys. Understanding the buying behavior of your customers will help you pitch them the right products and services. You can survey your customers’ buying interests by asking them where they shop, what brands they prefer, etc. These questions will present you with valuable insights to improve the user experience on your website. 

Figuring Out Cart Abandonments

Through quick surveys, you can figure out why some customers chose not to buy or left their cart without checking out. This can be achieved by asking them the right set of questions to understand the main cause of leaving. Such surveys will help you improve your product or service to convert more shoppers into buying customers. 

Improve Your Offering

To offer your customers what they truly want, you need to listen and understand what they think. The focus should be on aligning your thought process with that of your customers. Through inventive, intelligent, and unique surveys, you can nail the burning question – “What your customers truly want.”

Analyzing Customer Satisfaction

To become the best in your league, you need to understand how your customers felt after using your product or service. You can easily get their reviews through a well-thought customer satisfaction survey integrated into your website. This will also strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Remember, customers always value brands that address their needs and problems.

Brand-to-Customer Communication

Effective brand-to-customer communication matters the most in our socially-driven society. Of course, you can tend to those requirements through emailers, social media, and other platforms, but they won’t get you quite as much feedback as a survey would because a survey gives them questions that land right on the spot. Develop open-ended surveys to let your customers communicate freely and directly with you. You can also use a similar survey technique to strengthen communication with your employees. 

Takeaways on why surveys are a must

Understanding, sustaining, and monetizing your customers is an art. With surveys, you get better at identifying your customers and segmenting them carefully to build a successful path. Surveys not only strengthen the trust between a brand and a customer, but they also open a straight channel of communication with mutual benefits for both the parties involved. 

Put your best foot forward to offer your customers a rewarding experience through surveys. Make the most of the data collected from your surveys and show your customers that you truly care about what they think and are willing to improve. Remember, both positive and constructive feedbacks are a goldmine for successful businesses. 

Create a Survey in Minutes

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