Create an Engaging Assessment

Assessments are great for increasing user engagement and understanding your audience better. They are very popular online because they allow users to discover how much they know about a topic in a fun way. Opinion Stage contains features that help you share your assessments on social media and promote them with paid traffic.

Creating your assessment

Opinion Stage makes it quick & easy to create assessments using either the personality quiz format or the trivia quiz format. You can optionally add a lead form in the assessment to collect user details such as email addresses, names, and phone numbers and add a call to action on the results page to redirect users to another landing page. All these features improve your email list building, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Here’s an example of an assessment created with the Opinion Stage Online Quiz Maker:

Assessments help you drive traffic and build brand authority. This, in turn, will lead to increased brand loyalty and more conversions over time.

Measuring the effectiveness of your assessment

Opinion Stage lets you can track all of the important metrics . Want to find out how many people took your assessment? The average score achieved by your audience? The volume of leads generated? You can do that and much more using the Opinion Stage analytics dashboard.

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