How To Create A Great Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes have long been one of the most popular types of interactive content on the Internet (and even before the internet). Opinion stage lets you easily make your own – to attract, engage, and retain readers. A great personality quiz can for example ask the reader a question about their personality – like “What Pet Animal Are You“, or “What Is Your Most Dominant Trait“, or “Which Original Trilogy Star Wars Hero Are You?

What sets an personality quiz apart from other types of interactive content is that you create different possible results, and then connect answers to quiz questions with specific results. People’s answers will increase their score for connected results, and the result they score highest for is what they get!

How to create a personality quiz:

  1. Go to your dashboard, click on “Create” and then on “Personality Quiz”
  2. Choose a title and cover image for the quiz (for example, “What Breed of Dog Are You?” and a picture of two dogs playing.)
  3. Decide what possible results your quiz will have and give each Result a title (such as “Boston Terrier,” “Chihuahua,” “Pomeranian,” and so on.)
  4. Create questions (such as “Where do you want to live?”), and add answers for each (“In a country house,” “in a pillow fort”.)
  5. Associate answers with Results – each answer can be associated with one or more Results."Associate with" Click “Associate with” and use the sliders to decide if the answer gives each Result 0 (default position), 1 (middle), or 2 points (right). For example, wanting to live in a pillow fort gives 2 points for Chihuahua and 1 for Pomeranian.
  6. Make sure enough questions are associated with each Result so that people will be able to get that result. If some Result doesn’t get points from any of the answers, nobody can get that Result!
  7. You can save a draft to save your progress and continue later, and when you’re ready you can just click “Publish” and you’re done – the quiz goes live. Read on for tips on making a really great personality quiz.

Tips for creating a great personality quiz:

  • Plan results first: It’s a good idea to plan out the possible results first, and even try and break them down into the things that characterize each one. This will be very helpful in deciding what questions to ask, what answers to provide, and which answers should be associated with each result. (You can create up to 30 results, but 4-8 are usually enough.)
  • Plan results well: Your results have to give participants something they can identify with. This is what will usually motivate people to share a personality quiz, so think it through.
  • Keep it positive: Make all of the results positive – people usually don’t want to share something that makes them feel bad or look bad! A great personality quiz makes readers feel good about themselves, no matter what result they get!
  • Be tactically wrong: That said, you can also get a lot of engagement by giving people results they will disagree with – so long as you don’t actually offend them. Ask them to leave a comment to tell you whether you got it right or wrong, and many actually will.
  • Number of questions: The more results you have, the more questions you will need to differentiate between the different “personalities.” At the same time, too many questions might cause people to give up midway and leave the quiz before completing it. We find some 7-10 questions to be a comfortable range for personality quizzes.
  • Think about your audience: As with all engaging content, the most crucial thing is having a clear concept of who the audience is, and matching the content to their interests and needs. Make sure the quiz content is appealing to your audience.
  • Start small: When you first start, you may want to begin with a minimal quiz just to see how it looks – put in a question and a result, save a draft, and get a preview of how your quiz is shaping up. It’s easier to adjust your content before publishing it.
  • Start strong: The first question in the quiz has to be appealing and relatable – if people aren’t compelled to answer the first one, they won’t even see the rest. It’s okay for some questions to be a little more niche, just make sure to start with something that will have everyone answering and moving ahead.
  • Use images: Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your quiz and keeping participants around. Choose good-looking images, especially for the quiz’s cover photo. Check out our favorite sources for free images that look great. View our image size recommendations here.
  • Image sizes: Quizzes look best with images, and quizzes with images look best when all of them can be displayed in the same size. We recommend cropping the photos to a uniform aspect ratio – we like using the wide 16:9 or 2:1 aspect ratios. These have the added benefit of faring well in previews on social networks

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