Leadpages Quiz – Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

How to Add a Quiz to Leadpages

1. Create a Leadpages Quiz using the Quiz Creation Form

2. Locate the Quiz you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click on the Embed & Share button, and from the iframe tab copy the code

4. Open Leadpages dashboard or editor (your account dashboard in Leadpages – the URL should begin ‘https://my.leadpages.net…..’ Go to your landing page or website where you want to add the quiz. Once opened, click on ‘Widgets’ from the sidebar.

5. Now, click on the ‘show more’ button to find the ‘HTML’ option.

6. Click on the HTML option and drag it to the section of the page where you want to place the quiz.

7. Click on the code block and paste the embed code that you copied from your Opinion Stage dashboard earlier.


8. Your quiz is now successfully embedded into the Leadpages landing page or website. We suggest you preview your page to ensure that the placement and outlook are as per your requirement before hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

Here are some examples of quiz templates that you can embed into your landing page or website to enhance audience interaction and generate more leads.

You can add a Personality Quiz like this to indulge your users:

Or, you can go for a Trivia Quiz like this one to pique their interest:

Benefits of Creating a Quiz on Leadpages

Increased Engagement 

Quizzes have been hailed as one of the best interactive mediums to engage your audience. It also contributes to the increased time users spend on your website. A good quiz can get you the best engagement while keeping site visitors hooked. As seen in the tutorial, in the beginning, Opinion Stage offers the best way to integrate an interactive quiz into Leadpages to optimize conversion. 

Get Segmented Leads 

A lead form like “email me my result” at the end of your quiz could get you top-of-the-line quality leads. It is one of the easiest and direct ways to get leads from site visitors. In a way, it is pretty organic. 

Enhanced Social Sharing

Quizzes have a way with people, and the right quiz catered to your website audience could result in social media success. For quizzes that hit the right chord, users end up sharing them within their social networks; therefore, boosting your social media engagement. 

Promoting Sale of Product/Service

Using a quiz is a great way to boost the sale of products or services as you can share exclusive offers based on user interest. 

Easy Data Collection

With a quiz, you can get valuable information that will help you understand the buyer persona. For example, a quiz about clothes can give you a clear view of the buyer’s preference when it comes to shopping for clothes. Such data could be a goldmine for an e-commerce fashion retail website. 

Best Methods for Creating a Leadpages Quiz

Outline Your Audience

The best way to succeed in any task is to do enough research before starting. Similarly, for creating an effective quiz, one must figure out their target audience and their interests. This will ensure that you create a relatable quiz that will be well-aligned with your marketing and sales goals. 

Keep Your Targets Clear

If your end goal is to increase social engagement, then it is better to create a longer quiz. However, if you’re looking to generate quality leads, we suggest creating a short and simple quiz. Keeping your Key Result Areas (KRAs) defined is the best way to ensure that you are headed in the right direction.

Interesting Title, Please!

It won’t be wrong to say that your quiz title is the half battle won for getting a user to take the quiz. An interesting title goes a long way – a little clickbait won’t harm. Challenging titles starting with the tone of “Are You” or “Can You” often do the trick of igniting the competitive streak in a user, which is why you must have seen a lot of quiz titles framed like – Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? 

Strong Visuals in the LeadPages Quiz

Visuals are essential for creating an exciting quiz. Using images, gifs, or short videos will help engaging more users. Visuals also help in sending across the actual value of the title and bringing more users to it. For images, always choose pictures that represent the title in the best way possible. 

Avoid the Fluff

Keep your quiz game more robust by keeping it short and straightforward. Users don’t like taking long quizzes period. We suggest adding anywhere between 5 to 15 questions to get your quiz rolling on the pathway to success. 

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