Instapage Quiz – Add A Free Quiz To Your Landing Page

How to Add a Quiz to Instapage

1. Create an Instapage Quiz using the Quiz Creation Form

2. Locate the quiz you created in the Items Dashboard

3. Click on the Embed & Share button, and from the iFrame tab copy the code

4. Open your Instapage account (the URL for the page should begin like…..’) Go to your landing page where you want to add the quiz. 

5. You will need to click on the ‘Edit Design’ option to make the changes in your landing page (refer to the image below). 

6. Once you get into the editing dashboard of Instapage, click on HTML option to add Opinion Stage quiz to your landing page (as shown in the image below)

7. After adding the HTML box, click on it and paste the iFrame code that you copied from the Opinion Stage items dashboard in the beginning. Click ‘done’ after adding the code. 

8. Now, click on the preview button to check how the quiz box shows up on your landing page (refer to the image below).

You can add different varieties of interactive quizzes to your landing page on Instapage. Interactive quizzes are a good medium to boost audience engagement and generate leads.

You can add a Personality Quiz like this to engage your users:

Or, you can add a Trivia quiz to strengthen engagement on your page:

Benefits of Creating a Quiz on Instapage

If you have never used a quiz before here are some reasons for creating a quiz.

Grow Your Email List

Quizzes are the best way to increase your email list through your landing page. With quizzes, you can get all the quiz question answers associated with the contact information. With all this additional data, imagine how you can personalize your email marketing plans to boost sales of your product or service. 

Increase Your Social Media Engagement

People love taking quizzes as they offer a good mix of entertainment and learning. According to a report by Buzzsumo, an average quiz gets shared 1900 times on social media platforms like Facebook! With a quiz embedded into your landing page, you can enjoy improved social media engagement as visitors may end up sharing the quiz on their respective social media handles. 

Generate Sales

You can easily customize your quiz results to offer a different service or product based on the answers to the quiz questions. It adds a personalized touch to your recommendations made to the target audience. Generally, personalized product or service recommendations have a higher impact than non-personalized recommendations. 

Categorize Your Users

You can quickly learn more about your target users based on their quiz results. By having a quiz on your landing page, you will be able to neatly segment your users for different products or services that you offer. 

Reduce Bounce Rate 

Quizzes are one of the best tools to make users spend more time on your website. The interactive nature of a quiz makes users stay longer in comparison to pages without a quiz, which helps in lowering the bounce rate on your page. Lower bounce rate on your landing page would, in turn, send positive signals to search algorithms about your site quality and improve your SEO efforts. 

Best Practices for Creating an Instapage Quiz

Identify Your Goals 

Before you plan to add a quiz to your Instapage, it is essential to outline your goal. What exactly are you looking to achieve through your quiz – Leads, Data, Engagement, or more? It is important to know what action you want the user to take at the end of the quiz.

For example, for email collection, the end goal would be asking users to share their email address in order to get quiz results. You may also want to redirect them to another page by placing a strong CTA on the result page. In any case, you have to decide before creating a quiz so that it can get you the desired output.

Brand Placement Through Strong Visuals

It is essential to add strong visuals to your quiz as they will help keep users engaged. Through visuals like images or GIFs, you can also improve your brand visibility. We suggest adding your brand logo to the visuals for optimum brand marketing efforts. 

Trending Content

A quiz should be anything but boring. Make sure that the content of your quiz is fun and entertaining. It is also important to keep up with the trends and use language or titles that are popular to get the maximum clicks.

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