How to Create an HTML Quiz

Follow these steps to add an HTML quiz to your site

1. Start by Creating a Quiz

2. Locate the quiz in the Item Dashboard

3. Click on the “Embed & Share” button, and then on the “Script” tab

4. Copy the quiz HTML code and paste it in your HTML site

You’re done!

html quiz example

Following is a live example of a Personality HTML quiz, try it out:

You might also want to check out this example of a Trivia / Knowledge Quiz:

Best Practices for Creating an Html Quiz

Put Your Audience First (Audience Analysis)

Understand your audience before creating a quiz. Analyze their interests, needs, and wants and then create the quiz based on your analysis.

Keep it Short and Simple (KISS)

Keep your quiz shorter because shorter quizzes perform better than longer ones. Keep the questions and answers as simple as possible.

Add Visuals to Your Html Quiz

Use images or videos in your quiz to catch your audience’s attention. Images boost the quiz engagement and add context to the quiz title and questions.

Locate in Prominent Location

It is recommended to display your quiz in a large size and in a prominent location to maximize participation. Good options are in the mainstream above the fold or in an exit or enter popup window

Choose a Good Theme

Make sure that the theme you choose matches your site’s look and feel and makes your quiz stand out. You can either select from existing themes and fonts or add your own.

For more information, refer to the quiz creator product page

Create an Html Quiz in Minutes

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