Create a Free HTML Survey in Minutes

Find out how to create an HTML survey that gets more and better responses by making it fun and easy to answer.

How to Create an HTML Survey

Follow these steps to create an HTML survey in minutes:

1. Create a survey

Create a survey

2. Copy the embed code

Locate the survey in the “my items” dashboard. Click the “Embed & Share” button, and then copy the HTML code from the “general embed” tab.

copy html embed code

3. Embed your survey

Paste the HTML code into a page on your site.

Try this survey

Creating an HTML Survey –  Best Practices & Tips

Now that you know how to make a survey and embed it on your site, here are a few tips that will help you further increase its efficacy, by boosting engagement and response rates.

Start By Planning Your Survey

Before creating the HTML survey verify you know who your audience is and the questions are focused on that audience.

Keep It Short & Simple

Shorter surveys get more responses. Keep the questions short, simple, and easy to understand. We recommend asking between 5-15 questions. The answers to the questions should cover all the options and shouldn’t overlap. If you only want to ask one question you can make an HTML poll in seconds.

Use Visuals 

Using images in surveys is an effective way to catch the audience’s attention. You can add an intro image to the survey cover, an intro image to each question, and add an image to each of the answers.

Choose a Good Location

We recommend that you choose a prominent location for your survey on your website so that it becomes appealing to your audience (such as a popup or over the fold in an article). Displaying the survey in a large size also increases its performance.

For more info, refer to the Survey Maker page or check out how to make an HTML form and an HTML quiz.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

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