How to Create an HTML Form

Follow these steps to create an HTML form:

1. Create a form using the form creation form

2. Locate the form in the dashboard

3. Click “Embed & Share” button, and then copy the HTML code from the “Script” tab

4. Paste the HTML code into a page on your site

You’re done!

Html form article

Here is an example of an HTML form

Html form example

HTML Form –  Recommendations

1. Define the information you need – carefully define which information pieces you need, and define those fields as mandatory

2. Keep the form short – Ask only for information you really need, the longer the form the fewer submissions you will get

3. Use an image – Using an appealing image in the form can really help increase the view / submit conversion rate

4. Select a prominent location – display the form in a noticeable location on the page so that users won’t miss it. You can also display it in a popup to further increase conversion rates

For more details, refer to the form maker page

Create Your Own Form

Create a Form