Tumblr Poll – How to Add Polls to your Tumblr Site

Follow these steps to add a Tumblr Poll to your Tumblr post/page:

1) Create a poll using the Poll Creation Form

2) Locate the poll you created in the Content Dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button.

4) Click on the “Link” tab and copy the link.

5) From your Tumblr account dashboard, click on the posting option labeled “Link.”

6) Paste your URL in the box that appears and click “Post.” Feel free to add tags if needed!

You’re done, the poll was added to your Tumblr site!

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Polls are perfect if you want to ask one quick question and get a lot of answers. If, however, you have more than one question you’d like to ask around the same topic, consider making a Tumblr quiz or a Tumblr survey.