Make an Engaging  Joomla Poll in Seconds

Make an attention-grabbing poll and add it to Joomla with just a few clicks. It’s a great way to boost engagement and start a conversation with your audience.

How to Add a Poll to Joomla

Follow these simple instructions to make the magic happen.

1. Create a poll

start by creating a poll from scratch or use one of our predesigned poll templates and customize it according to your needs.

2. Copy iframe code

Locate the poll you created in the items dashboard. Click the “Embed & Share” button near the poll you created, select the iframe tab, and copy the iframe code. Now head over to Joomla.

embed iframe code

3. Go to Joomla

Go to your Joomla editor’s settings and allow iframes. Now open the HTML editor within the TinyMCE editor and paste the iframe code you previously copied.
That’s it, you’re done.

Try this poll

Best Practices for Creating a Joomla Poll

Focus on Your Audience

Present a poll question that is interesting and appealing to your audience.

Add an Image

A great image helps spice up the poll and attract voter attention to it.  You can add an introduction image to the poll, and also assign an image to each of the answers.

Make It Easy to Answer

Ask a question that is short and simple. Verify the answers cover all the options and that there is no overlap.

Show Results Only After Voting

Voters will be curious to discover the result and therefore there is a higher chance they will participate.

Read more on the poll maker page.

If you want to ask more than one question in a fun and engaging way consider making a Joomla quiz or a Joomla survey. If you want to ask a series of questions all on one screen you can also create a traditional Joomla form.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

Create a Joomla Poll
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