Drupal Poll – How to Add a Poll to your Site in Seconds

To add a Drupal poll to your site:

1) Start by Creating a Poll

2) Locate the poll you created in the Dashboard

3) Click “Embed & Share” next to the poll you created and copy the iframe code from the iframe tab

4) In your Drupal dashboard, edit the page you would like to add the poll

5) Click on the ‘Source’ button in your WYSIWYG editor toolbar to access the direct HTML source of the page

6) Paste the iframe code you previously copied into the editor and click save on the bottom

You’re done!

Drupal poll logo

Following is an example of a Drupal poll:

Drupal poll example

Best practices when creating a Drupal poll

Keep it simple

Try to keep both the question and the answers short and simple. That will improve the voting conversion of the poll.

Make it visual

Adding an appealing image that can’t be ignored and adds more context to the question will boost voting rates. You can also add images to all your poll answers if you like.

Customize to fit your site

Customize the poll color, font and sizes to perfectly match your site. You can either select from pre-configured themes, fonts, and sizes or use CSS to fully customize the look & feel of the poll.

Make Your Drupal poll visible

Locate the poll in a prominent location on your site. You can put it in a dedicated section, in an article above the fold or in a popup.

Learn more in the poll maker product page.

If you’d like to ask more than one question while keeping your audience engaged and entertained, consider making a Drupal quiz or a Drupal survey.

You can also create a simple Drupal form if you’d like to ask a number of questions on one page.


Create a Drupal Poll in Seconds

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