Squarespace Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to your Site

Follow these step to add a quiz to your site

1) Start by Creating a Squarespace quiz

2) Locate the quiz you created in the Item Dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button, and copy the code from the “script” tab.

4) From the Squarespace post editor or page editor, find the + or an insert point. From the drop-down menu, select the “Embed” block.

how to add a quiz to squarespace site - step 1

5) Open Embed Block – The drop-down menu in the front will have a list of options from which you should select the “Embed” block.

squarespace quiz add - step 2

6) Click </> to Add the Squarespace quiz code – After clicking on the block, a dialogue box will appear and you should click the </> icon to add the plugin code

add a quiz to squarespace - step3

7) Insert the Code – You will be directed to a new dialogue box where you can paste the Quiz code copied earlier from the Opinion stage platform.

add squarespace quiz - step4

Click on Apply to Save the Changes

You’re done!

Following is a live example of a personality/outcome quiz, try it out:

Click here to view more personality quiz examples & templates

Here is a live example of a Trivia/Knowledge Quiz, try it out:

Click here to view more trivia quiz examples & templates

Top Reasons to Create a Quiz on Squarespace

Boost engagement

Quizzes are one of the most engaging types of content on the internet. For example, a quiz that is displayed above the fold could get an 80%+ participation rate (the number of users that started the quiz / the number of users that viewed it) and up to 90% completion rate (the number of users that completed the quiz / the number of users that started the quiz). Users spend a lot of time on the quiz which offers you the opportunity to engage with them on your brand to gain awareness or with ads to generate ad revenue.

Drive traffic from social networks

Users love to share appealing quizzes on their social networks. To maximize the sharing opportunity we recommend creating quiz results that are positive and reflect something good about the user that completed the quiz. Humor can always help to get the quiz viral. Customize the image and texts that are shared in the different social networks to maximize the click potential of the social shares. It is recommended to share the quiz on all the social networks you are active on – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and more. It is also recommended to share your quiz with your email list and with your chat channels (e.g. Whatsapp, etc)

Gather leads

The Opinion Stage Quiz Maker can serve as an effective lead magnet. You can integrate a lead form that is displayed after the user completes answering all the questions and just before they view the results. By using this method, you can get up to 500% more leads when compared to adding a standard contact form on the site. The main reasons behind this lift are the fact that the users are highly engaged with your quiz content and the fact that they are curious about the quiz result which is revealed to them just after they enter their contact details. Learn more about lead quizzes.

gather leads with squarespace quiz

Segment your audience & personalize their journey

Quizzes can be used to segment your audience to different groups and then offer them a personalized experience or offering. Start by defining the different groups of your audience. Examples for audience group segmentation can be their topic of interest or the budget they have for purchasing your products/services. Then plan the questions so that each user that answers them can be segmented to a group you would like to target differently. You can then target them directly in the quiz (offer them to purchase something, send them to a link, etc). You can also remarket to different audiences after they complete the quiz.

Learn about your audience

It is very common to use online surveys as a tool for learning about your audience. However, surveys tend to get fewer submissions since they are not as engaging as quizzes. As a solution for that, incentives are often offered to the user filling the survey. This can result in non-authentic submissions since the user filling the survey will usually get the incentive (free plan, money, etc) only for filling the survey, without connection to the authenticity of the provided answers. In contract, using quizzes to get insights will get you both more submissions and also authentic ones. You will get more submissions since quizzes are highly engaging and users are curious to discover something about themselves at the end of the quiz. The answers will also be authentic because users that answer the quiz questions will want to get valid results and will, therefore, answer the questions truthfully.

Run a Product Selector

Squarespace sites that sell a product or service can use a quiz to offer the users visiting their site a quiz that will help them find the product or service that fits them best. This is done by creating a product selector quiz that asks users different questions related to who they are and their preferences. Using different logics such as skip logic and point allocation, users are offered the product/service that fits them best. To create a product selector, start by defining the different outcomes (aka the products/services). Then, add questions that help understand which product fits each user best. Based on the answers the user provides in the questions, add the logic that defines which product is displayed to the user. Learn more about the product finder.

Run an Online Competition

Quizzes offer a highly engaging way to run an online competition. Start by defining a quiz subject that your site audience will relate to. Create a quiz that will be challenging, but not too long to maximize the number of participants and submissions. Offer a prize to the person that will get the most correct answers in the least time and remember to gather contact information before the end of the quiz so you can get back to the winner. From the result-dashboard extract the list of participants and select the winner of the competition. Quiz competitions create a lot of “buzz” and drive engagement and traffic to your site.

online competition quiz on squarespace

Tips for Creating a Squarespace Quiz

Think about your audience

Start by figuring out what quiz topic could engage and entertain your users. The most important part of the quiz is the title so verify it is appealing and your users will be curious about it.

Define the objective

Define what are the goals you would like to achieve with the quiz. The goal can be anywhere between engaging your audience, driving traffic to your site, gathering leads, or getting your users to complete a purchase on your site.

Select the format

There are many different types of quizzes you can create. However, they usually fall into 2 types of quizzes. The first type is a trivia/knowledge quiz and the second is an outcome/personality quiz. Select the quiz format you think will work the best for your audience.

Make it simple & short

Make the quiz title and questions easy to quickly comprehend and answer. We usually recommend asking somewhere between 5-15 questions so that the quiz is long enough to be interesting, but not too long to lose the short attention span of your users. Select answers that cover all the options and don’t overlap. Whenever possible select single answer questions as they usually result in a higher conversion rate when compared to multiple-answer questions.

Brand your Squarespace quiz

Customize the look & feel of the quiz so it perfectly matches your site and brand. You can select from pre-defined options of themes and fonts or add your own theme and font. You can also use the CSS override feature to customize every UI aspect of the quiz.

Make it visual

Add visuals (e.g. images) to the quiz cover and questions. You can add an introduction image/video to each of the quiz questions and add images to each question answer. Images will both get you more participants and also add context to your questions.

Optimize the quiz

After you start getting the first submissions, review the performance of the quiz in your results dashboard. Discover how well your quiz title works and the % of users that answer each question using the drop-off report. Improve the quiz title and re-organize/change the quiz questions accordingly.

For more information, refer to the quiz product page

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Squarespace Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to your Site
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