How To Make A Great Poll

With a poll, you can ask your audience a question, and after they vote let them see how the votes break down. You can use polls for a wide variety of purposes – like finding out whether users like your new website, or finding out who your audience’s favorite celebrity is, running a raffle or contest, or even elections.

Check out a few example in the Poll Showcase!

What makes this type of interactive content effective is that people love sharing their opinion or preference and they’re always curious to see whether they are in the majority, or a minority.

How to create a Poll (Basics):

How to create a Poll (Advanced):

Want to ask more questions? Need more question types?

If you’d like to ask multiple poll questions, you can either display/embed polls one under the other, or group the polls together (displayed in rotation), using poll sets.

If you are looking for different types of questions (e.g. open-ended questions, etc) and don’t want to show the results to your users, you should be creating a survey

Best practices and tips for making a great poll:

Use images: Images catch people’s eyes and imaginations, attracting attention to your poll and keeping participants around. You can find plenty of great images online which can be reused freely so long as you provide attribution. We made a list of our favorite sources. View our image size recommendations.

  • Think about your audience: As with all engaging content, the most crucial thing for great polls is having a clear concept of who the audience is, and matching the content to their interests, needs, and abilities. Make sure the poll content is interesting to your audience.
  • Keep it clear and short: Polls look best and perform best when you keep the question and answers short and easy to understand.
  • Keep the mystery alive: Show the poll result only after the vote – many people will vote out of curiosity.
  • Choose a good theme: Select (or create) a theme that fits in with your site’s UI, but also makes the poll stand out.
  • Aim for simplicity: Where possible, allow voters to select only one option – it takes more clicks to vote, so less people vote.
  • Size matters: Displaying the poll in a large size and in a prominent location will make it perform much better.
  • Track and optimize engagement: Read how to improve voting engagement.

Poll example:

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