How to Create a Viral Quiz

Not all quizzes were created equal, and if you want to create a viral quiz, there are a few, simple rules to keep in mind.

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Be in Tune with Your Audience

The very idea of ‘going viral’ is rooted in the concept of content sharing. Therefore, the content in your quiz has to be worth sharing, if that’s your end goal.

A quiz with uninspiring questions, irrelevant answers and boring outcomes is not going to shine – or be shared, for that matter.

On the other hand, a quiz with exciting, motivating or emotion-inducing content, thought-provoking questions and answers and funny/insightful/clever outcomes is going to be shared by users who have taken it, enjoyed it and loved it enough to promote it.

Have a Great Title

As we’ve discussed before, a killer title is a must when you want to create a viral quiz. Users do not (and will not) click on a title which is either boring, doesn’t make them feel special or gives away the mystery.

Most viral quizzes will phrase their titles in a similar way to these:

You should automatically notice two things about the above titles.

One, they cover the ‘who/what/where/where/who/how’ questions, and two – they all directly address the user.

Users want your quizzes to tell or give them something, and they won’t be investing their time and attention span on your quiz unless it satisfies that need.

Appeal to Their Emotions

Another important aspect of creating a viral quiz is the use of emotion. Appealing to users’ need for self-discovery is the end goal, and appealing to their sense of emotion is the means to get there.

And here’s why: if you saw the below two quizzes on your social media channels, which would you assume was the viral quiz?

It’s the second one.

A user doesn’t have time to find out, nor do they really want to know which early ‘00s rapper they’re most similar to – but they do want to be told they are similar to an inspiring early ‘00s rapper – because the implication is that they are inspiring too.

It’s a viral marketing formula as old as time – make ‘em feel good, and they will come.

And last but not least…

Have Amazing Outcomes

Your last stop on sealing the viral quiz deal is the outcomes it gives.

As discussed above, these should be:

A top-notch quiz with so-so outcomes is not a viral quiz; on the other hand, a consistently appealing quiz with strong, user-focused outcomes is a guaranteed way to make your quiz a viral quiz.

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