10 Types of Surveys Your Business Should Consider Using

Surveys are very helpful in gaining insights on the various areas of a business. Several types of surveys can be used to understand the current state of a business and identify ways to improve it.

There are three main areas that businesses should focus on: customers, products, and employees. A business needs efficient employees to provide high-quality products and satisfy valued customers. Optimizing these three areas would ultimately lead to significant growth.

Surveys can help optimize these areas. We’ve chosen basic ones and provide insights on each of them. Here are the ten types of surveys you should conduct for better business growth:

Customer Satisfaction Types of Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys provide insights about how customers feel about your products or services. You can also use feedback from these surveys to retain current customer relationships, build new ones, and ensure future growth.

Types of surveys

There are many surveys you can use to determine customer satisfaction but make sure that you regularly conduct these three:

1. Direct transaction survey

This is given right after a recent transaction. It rates how happy customers are with the product or service they availed of.

When you use this survey, you can determine whether your business met your customers’ expectations. You can ask for feedback about your product, delivery service, the person they transacted with, and other transactional information. This lets you take any necessary actions regarding your business process to improve.

2. Overall satisfaction survey

This relationship survey helps determine how customers feel about a company in general. Unlike the previous type, it considers past experiences and other factors instead of just a recent transaction.

Assessing your overall customer satisfaction can help you create an overall better customer experience. You can also use results from this survey as a benchmark against competitors.

3. Net promoter score (NPS) survey

An NPS survey checks how likely a customer will refer a company to another consumer. It also helps determine if a business is providing quality products or services.

When your NPS survey yields favorable results, it is a good indication that your business is on track. If not, consider how you can better improve the quality of your products and services to raise the potential of your customers generating buzz about them.


Marketing and Product Types of Surveys

Marketing and product surveys provide insights on your target market, perceived product value, customer buying habits, and brand awareness. They help you better understand your target market and identify your competition.

Types of surveys market investigation

Depending on the results of the surveys, you may need to update product offerings and pricing or raise brand awareness.

4. Market Investigation Survey

A market investigation survey provides insight on your market growth and gives you an idea on where you stand against the competition.

Feedback from this survey can help you continually improve your products and services to increase sales and profits by benchmarking against similar businesses.

5. New Product Concept Analysis Survey

A new product concept analysis survey helps you see the potential of a new product concept. Not only it gathers a consumer’s preferences and dislikes regarding the concept, but also determines the chances of customers making a purchase.

Gathering opinions and attitudes towards a new product is very important. It allows you to make necessary adjustments before releasing a product in the market, potentially boosting sales.

6. Sales Employees Effectiveness Survey

This survey can help you investigate sales performance by providing insights on the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy.

Based on your customers’ feedback, you can develop new sales strategies or provide training for employees on the frontline. This can lead to better employee productivity, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales.

7. Brand Surveys

This survey determines how a brand is generally perceived by your market. You can use resulting data to strategize how best to build brand awareness and improve brand quality. When your brand is viewed positively by your target market, you provide the best opportunity to create brand loyalty.


Human Resource and Employee Types of Survey

Business profits increase when there is high customer satisfaction, which can be achieved with high-quality products and services. High-quality products and services are provided by efficient employees. Therefore, importance should be placed in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Types of surveys human resource employee

These types of surveys help measure employee engagement and satisfaction. You can learn how happy your employees are, what they think of their colleagues and supervisors, what they think about their benefits, and even why they leave.

8. Employee Satisfaction Survey

This survey helps determine how an employee feels about their work, work environment, and the work culture. It also covers the basic concerns and needs of employees.

Employee satisfaction is an integral factor in business growth. When you take steps to ensure that your employees are happy at work, you can increase their morale and productivity and have better employee retention. This can lead to increased efficiency and better overall productivity for your business.

9. Management Performance Survey

This survey helps assess the performance of a management team. It can identify problems and issues within the management and help assess company policies and procedures.

Effective leadership is needed to have an efficient organization. When you know how your employees feel about their managers, you can provide training opportunities for managers to improve their leadership styles. Ensuring that you have an efficient management team can also significantly boost employee morale and job productivity.

10. Exit Interview Survey

An exit interview is conducted when an employee leaves the company. It allows you to gather information about how they regard performance levels, roles, and tenure. Using this information, you can take better account of how to improve the experience of your current and future employees.

Create a Survey in Minutes

Create a Survey

Make Your Surveys Count

Regardless of the size of your business, you can spur its growth by regularly and consistently conducting these types of surveys. Additionally, by providing an unbiased approach to decision-making, they allow you to form effective decisions based on analytics.

Make sure you get the best data possible by asking the right questions and conducting different surveys in a timely manner. Make your surveys count by implementing any necessary changes in your product lines, marketing strategies, and organizational design.

When you do all these, you can help your company achieve better business growth.


10 Types of Surveys Your Business Should Consider Using
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