HubSpot Quiz – How to Add a Quiz to Hubspot

Following these steps to Create a Hubspot Quiz:

1) Start by creating a quiz

2) Locate the quiz you created in the dashboard

3) Click the “Embed & Share” button and copy the code from the iframe tab

4) Open your blog post (or create a new one)

5) Select the “Source code” option (it’s the little “<>” icon)

6) Paste the embed code you previously copied

7) Preview the quiz display and adjust the height/width so it perfectly fits

You’re done!

Gather more qualified leads with Quizzes

Quizzes are great for gathering more qualified leads, as the contact information is associated with the quiz answers, learn more here.

hubspot quiz image

Here is how a Hubspot Quiz looks like:

Hubspot quiz example

Some Tips for creating quizzes:

  1. Focus on the quiz title – Select a title that will appeal to your target audience. Think what will make them curious and interested
  2. Use Images – using images/videos in your quiz will dramatically increase their appeal and as a result the engagement of your users.
  3. Keep it in the right length – we recommend 5-15 questions so that it has enough substance but is not too long
  4. Customize the look & feel – select a color theme and font that matches your brand and site

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