Add a Joomla Quiz to Your Site In Minutes

Learn how to make a quiz and add it to your Joomla site quickly and easily. Increase engagement, boost site traffic, and get to know your audience.

How to Add a Quiz to your Joomla Site

Follow these steps to add an entertaining quiz to your Joomla site:

1. Create a quiz

Start by creating a personality quiz or a trivia quiz from scratch. Alternatively, you can choose a predesigned quiz template and customize it to your needs.

create a quiz

2. Copy iframe code

Locate the quiz you created in the items dashboard. Click the “Embed & Share” button near the quiz you created and copy the iframe code from the iframe tab.

embed iframe code

3. Go to Joomla

Go to your Joomla editor’s settings and allow iframes. Now open the HTML editor within the TinyMCE editor and paste the iframe code you previously copied.
That’s it, you’re done.

Try this quiz

Recommendations for Creating a Joomla Quiz

Follow these recommendations to make your Joomla quiz extra engaging and exciting for your audience.

Make It Appealing to Your Audience

Keep your audience in mind when selecting the quiz’s main title to verify it is exciting and interesting for your target audience.

Add Visuals

Add images to the quiz cover and questions to spice it up. This will maximize the number of participants your quiz gets.

Select a Good Length

We recommend creating anywhere between 5-15 questions so that the quiz is interesting enough on the one hand but not too long on the other.

Place in a Prominent Location

Verify your quiz is noticed by placing it in the main section of the site, above the fold if possible. Another option is to locate it in an enter/exit popup.

Read more on the quiz maker page.

For qualitative research and quantitative data collection consider using a Joomla survey or Joomla form. Due to their fun design, accessibility, and personalization options, they get more and better answers than regular forms and surveys. If you want to engage your audience with one quick question, make a Joomla poll.

You can easily do it yourself, no need for a developer

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